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L S D (Barney's farm)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Cannible Ox, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. LSD from barneys farm. Some Mazar Dom and some Skunk#1 dom mix in this batch.

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  2. There's a few leaves, but it looks pretty nice!

    Any reason why they called it LSD, do you know?
  3. Ive not cliped all the leaves 100%, got tired torwards the end. Imma clean it up as they go in jars.

    The staff at barneys farmed dub'd it that. Smoked hella good. I can preach the same lines those dudes. garanteed!
  4. some more shots

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  5. Awesome weed.... barneys? u mean barneys in amsterdam????
  6. yes sir
  7. Hey ox,.....that is some awesome shit....keep it up man
  8. This place.

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  9. L S D =

    Luke Skywalker Diesel?
  10. Haha naw just LSD. Saw some dude on here and on rollitup claiming it was lemon sour d. Nawww. Just LSD.
  11. Its
  12. Since i never tasted a diesel strain, does it taste like diesel or is it jus a name?

  13. The name has nothing to do with diesel... it's just LSD.
  14. its not a deisel strain.
  15. Thanks, i have so much to learn
  16. yo, mine looks just like that, except it was harvested with no ambers, just cloudy and clear trichs. So all the hairs are white, it gave it a pretty sick look.

    Enjoy that dank man!:hello:
  17. It stands for Luke Skywalker Diesel LSD, but also I've heard it's a pretty strong trippy high.
  18. Yo, yeah, I heard its cause the strain is 24% THC, which would definitely do that
  19. no the guys at barneys farm named it lsd because of the strong almost psychedelic high...24% thc
  20. Been growing BF LSD for 2 years in a row, very trippy and strong stuff! LOVE IT :D

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