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  1. What hours should i start the plants out on ? Not sure what I'll be growing yet. But what about the plant getting sunlight ? Can It grow good off of good l.e.d. 's? Any info would be appreciated. :confused:
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    Not a lot of people know how well LEDs work but if you can get a good panel I would get only blue led's for the veg cycle. 30w of LEDs is equivalent to around 100w in lumens so you only need about 30w per plant. I would get a blue panel and a red panel for the two stages because red led's aren't effective in vegging a plant. You can get a mixed panel and use it full cycle, but I've heard that the mixed panels aren't great for vegging. Led's are pretty new and nobody has any solid information about the best way to use them. Buy from a reputable company and do your best, and let us know how it goes :hello:

    p.s. you should start your plants 24/0 because its the fastest way to veg and has no negatives except for power consumption, but you're growing marijuana for christ sake and i wouldnt worry about the 2 cents you could save running 18/6.
  3. Hey thanks man. Yea I'm trying something new. I never really grew marijuana but I have a veg garden outside. I pretty much can touch anything and it will grow lol. Anyways i should be ordering lights within the next few days. If anyone has any more info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks:hello:
  4. I found some fixtures on ebay that use full spectrum white 5x6w leds,and they also have models with 4 white and one red,or all red versions too.perfect for a closet or box grow.im gonna try these,they look very good.

  5. I got a 120w panel with fans and a 90w ufo type with fans. I am testing them on okra and cucumber in an Emilys garden hydro set-up just to learn about hydro and LEDs before my first legal weed grow.
    So far, the plants have done very well. That wattage is overkill for them at this stage though. I love the LEDs but they freak my wife out.
  6. please dont take this as bashing L.E.D.s because as many of you also do, i believe LEDs are the future. but as of now, unless heat or wattage used is an issue, i would just go with an HID system. you can pick one up from craigslist.com for fairly cheap and the relative same price as a decent LED panel. I have never used LEDs and i think they are actually really cool but just at the time being, i would have to agree on the side of HIDs over LEDs. but if you have your heart set on LEDs then use em, it would be really cool sctually to see someone stick it to me about this and prove me wrong. If someone can, im running my ass to the hydro store to pick up some LEDs!
  7. Yea heat is a big issue .
  8. I am going to use LEDS also because of grow box size and these things are 1.5"s thick! they compare a 45watt panel; to a 400 hps light, even though not alot of people know information on these, it is better to grow now and learn what they do and hwo they work for the future. This will be the way to grow I bet any1. Just look at the comparison and people will understand. If you need more info on these let me knw thank you
  9. Can you post a link to this comparison (45W LED to a 400W HID)?

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