L.E.D.VS. HPS/metal halide

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  1. Can any L.E.D. system like the supernova or the u.f.o. system produce what a 1000w hps/metal halide can produce?. if not a thousand watt what would it compare to?


  2. A few CFLS if you are lucky :)

    Skip the christmas lights and just buy an HPS / MH
  3. thats what ive read in articles but how are those systems so much money and not producing?
  4. I believe the UFO is a scam. Lights like mine and guru's work however. But they are nowhere near a 1000 watt hid. Closer to a 150 or 250 watt HID maybe if they use the high power luxeons which are 1-3 watts each.
  5. You are correct in stating that one of the 90watt UFO lights does not compare to a 1000watt HID light, however, it is comparable to a 600watt HID. I have been using the UFO lights and I don't see the same results with a 1000watt, but utilizing science over brute energy seems to work. I have several plants under triband lights and their growth rate and density is similar to a 600watt HPS and I have cut my electric bill down by 75%.

  6. Whats your plant to light ratio?

    I read somewhere that you should have 25% of the watts when you change... so if you're using 1000w HID the you would need 250w LED. Think that holds true?
  7. led=waste of money

    buy cfl's if you are on a budget

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