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  1. What ya'll think?

    i got it today (im in the UK) an i think its fire...:cool:

    LAX files


    Let us live

    and all the singles (my life, dope boyz etc.)

    i love it

    not as fast paced/ agressive as the other albums but its still awsome

    definately another classic. :D

    o an i dont want people moanin on an hatin were all stoners here!

  2. Ya I will probly get L.A.X. later this week. But the best song didnt even make the cd. "Big Dreams" it was only realesed on the deluxe edition.
  3. its aight.
  4. tomorrow it comes out here man im fucking pumped he my favorite artist thats active right now man
  5. yaint got that bootleg yet?
  6. Is it just me or does anyone out there also can't stand The Game?

    I mean, he's alright at rapping and does his thing.. He's livin the life.

    But he wasn't around when 2Pac/Biggie/Eazy were around.... he's got a damn NWA tattoo too.. where was he in NWA days?

    Seems like he just came out of nowhere and I never liked that first album.

    Well I liked his flow and beats but he mentioned 2Pac/Biggie/Eazy-E excessively. Sours the whole album to me..

    LAX is like that also to me.... Definitely some heaters on there.. I like My Life.

    But yea he just sounds like a classic rap groupie to me sometimes.
  7. Game came around 10 years too late.

    West Coast gangsta rap from Compton fell off, and he's still rapping like it's on point.

    He's the only one.
  8. Personally I'd rather bump the new Daz, or C-Bo on their weaker labels if I wanted to hear what's new on the West Coast gangsta scene.

    Messy Marv too.
  9. got some good beats and the lyrics are pretty sick on some of the songs
  10. I loved Documentary and Doc's Ad was ok... I like his style a lot but yeah, as said before he name-drops too much for me
  11. haha man i get everything as soon as it coems out, but if theres a cd i rele wanna buy not just bootleg, i wait until it comes out then i buy it man, i dont like to spoil it

    and yeah i know game name drop a lot but thats his style and lieks hes said he says there names bcuz there legends n he feels like he belongs in the hip hop with them, atleast hes keepin the west coast relevent right now..
  12. I can understand that to a point, but if I hear the words "Dr. Dre" come out his mouth one more time...
  13. I'm downloading it right now. My review later haha.
  14. Usually takes me a few listens to tell if I really like the album but I am digging some songs so far. Decent overall though.
  15. i think its a decent album
    letter to the king, ya heard, angel
    the instrumentals are hot without the game on them

    for sure
  16. yall need to check out hiphopdx.com and datpiff.com if you havent found it already. millions of free mixtapes and tons of new stuff daily

  17. Why is it about geography? Just listen to the fuckin music. That's what matters, not where it was made.
  18. been had this album for about a month, yea group rips!

    album is fire
  19. I really liked The Documentary. One of my favorite albums. After that I feel The Game has gotten a lot worse.

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