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  1. Artist, teacher, newbie weed appreciator.
    Just wanted to post some of my art, thought y'all would enjoy.
    I like making art sober, and looking at it while high.
    All the details man, they just pop out at you :)

    I'll post more if the forum gets some interest <3

  2. nice bruh.

    this art reminds me of the artist from DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS.

    weird lookin art.. but yet nice at the same time.
  3. :> thanks man. I'd rather be weird than normal, its always so much more fun


    a portrait of my two great friends as fraggles. :>
  4. totally dig it. definitely post more.
  5. If I do I think I will, yes very. Cool.
  6. [​IMG]

    I make a piece of art a day
  7. This is amazing love it man
  8. Thanks man. I had lots of trouble with that piece because my gel pens kept dying!
  9. fucking amazing stuff, are you a professional?
  10. am I represented by a company/gallery you mean? no. :/

    I've been trying to make it as a professional fine artist. It just never seems to pan out. I've had a few shows so far, but nothing solo. I also only just graduated in may, so I don't think I need to rush it or anything.

    Thanks man! :)

  11. [​IMG]
    this is my favorite piece I've ever made.
    Sailor Neptune is my (bitchy) spirit animal :>
  12. thats awesome, i just really started drawing full pieces this year, been doodling cartoons since i can remember, and i was thinking of maybe going to school in fall or early next year. a question about art shows, are these put on by the school? do you get a good mixture of students and the public coming to these shows? why is your work so awesome? and was there one technique that you learned in school that you didnt perform before entering academia.

    i'm slowly building up my portfolio and was wondering if sticking to one style pans out in the end. like for you, you have an beautifully deformed style while mine is more psychedelic cartoon will the bold black outlines, any what i'm getting at is should i like include still life drawings and what not, landscapes, blah, blah, all the boring stuff imo, because right now all my mind goo melts onto the paper as 'sumTHINGother'. do teachers want to see diversity, i guess is what i'm realling asking?

    anyway long rant here, sick stuff dude, post more and here's what i have so far http://forum.grasscity.com/artists-corner/848037-psychedelic-cartoons.html, always have more on the go, i just finished a black and white City in the Sky pic now i'm doodling an animal landscape scene with a zebra and giraffe standing on an elephant, random but that alright, peace man and :smoke: burn on:wave:
  13. How big are your peices typically? I think it would be awesome if you tried to do a large one, like 4 by 6 feet.
  14. @ crassgrass: They range from very small (4inchx4inch) to very large (actually working on a 4x6 footer right now) :)

    @psychedelic goo:
    art shows: sometimes. I've had my work in one official gallery, and the rest have been put on by the school. they are generally juried either way.
    mixture?: yes. its always both types.
    awesome: thanks for the support, but I'm really still just a newb imho
    technique in school?: I learned all I know from my college. I drew anime before-hand. :p
    style?: sometimes. I always do life drawings when I'm on the bus/ just putzing around, but I always stick with my style when I'm doing actual art work.
    portfolio submissions?: depends on the school. I'd put in about 1/2 your style, 1/2 showing them you can do observational artwork.

  15. [​IMG]

    I also have a flickr if you guys are interested, and my art sites are in my sig
  16. Awesome, I'd love to see it when it's finished!
  17. how many pieces guesstimate? do you think you have

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