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Kushage - My first dank pickup!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Genith, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Well iv been smoking mids for the past few months, got to smoke a little Afghan Kush once but other then that its all been mids. After a buddy of mine got a number of someone who sells some dank we set out on a 40 minute journey to the other side of Houston for our first dank pickup.

    I got an eighth of this for $65.




    Im also a fan of making one time use bongs so here is what i made that night.The plastic cup on top servers as a ice chamber, the bottle on bottom has water and used my pipe for the bowl. And let me tell you.. this thing hits like a truck. Smoked 3 bowls of some mids out of it with a friend (2 hits a bowl) and we where gone.


    Ill post back tomorrow with more pictures and with a smoke report.
  2. Grats on your first dank! have fun with it:)

  3. Well first of all congrats on your first pickup of some good nugz... and i'd def. pay 65 for an eighth of that around here so good buy. and yes please give us a report, hows the taste? smooth/harsh? heady/sativa high or couchlock/indica high?

    anyway, enjoy.
  4. Looking dank bro. Nice pickup:smoke:
  5. Looks Very Dankalicious!!! Very Nice.

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