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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TABOR, May 6, 2011.

  1. Just picked up some Afghan Kush wanna know how many grams you guys get per dime. Thanks:smoke:
  2. Afghan Kush? Around here, people uhhh, give it, to freshmen, but its oregano and cinnamon. Hahahaha, just make sure thats not what you got:)

  3. I'm not clueless I know it's Kush I just wanted to see how much you guys get per dime.

  4. Ok good haha.
  5. 10 dollars, .5
  6. $15 a gram for kush/dank or top shelf.
  7. .5 for a dime.
  8. 20 for a gram around here usually, good plugs will do it for 15 tho. a dime is half a gram so .5 at $10
  9. .5

    or a gram. It depends if you go on costs or quantity.
  10. Kush is the $hit
  11. usually only .5
  12. Nice dude i'm smoking some decent weed over here too but i'm sure kush is much stronger than what I got!
  13. So I guess .8 is good? for $20 a dime
  14. 1.4342 grams.
  15. i really don't understand... when you buy a dime its HALF of a gram correct? IN MOST CASES! Yes i know i know.. we all get $10 dubs... but in general... your talking .5

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