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kush vs. chronic

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Stoner333888, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Im always getting told " this is some bomb kush " vise virsa. but whats the difference between the two. personally more people like kush I seem but there's also the stereotype that only black people smoke chronic. I smoke both but can someone explain to me all the differences?
  2. im no expert far from one
    but from my understanding they're the same thing chronic is a general word for all weed kush is a strain of weed so that will still be consider chronic from my understanding feel free to correct me if im wrong
  3. In current culture many people call higher forms of no name marijuana Chronic in a way to not only describe the fact that it's better than schwag, but also as a means to market it.

    Kush is an actual strain which contains much more THC and is generally better tasting.
  4. where i live people either have regular, dro or kush
    thats all u hear
    regular = reular bug
    dro = better then regular
    kush = best weed

    but after being on this site for a couple months i realize how uneducated people are about weeed how can u have dro? dro is the way the weed was grown not the strain ur selling lol

    its whatever though we all just wanna get high but i atleast wanna know whats going in my body unlike alot of people i know
  5. chronic means marijuana laced wit coke down in so cal right?
  6. Chronic = Weed laced with cocaine. (Gets you REALLY high)
    Kush = Ultra Potent Weed not laced with anything (Gets you just about as high as chronic without the cocaine)

    Your Welcome:smoking:
  7. chronic is laced with crack

    cocaine burns like shit, you notice how most people rail coke because smoking it is basically a waste
  8. I've actually honestly, never heard someone say Chronic and actually mean that their weed was laced with cocaine.

    Kush is an actual strain, and chronic is a description.
  9. Chronic is a legit strain, look it up. It was going around at a marijuana buffet. I can't believe you live in Cali but have never heard of Chronic. My friend was just there and he picked up a couple of g's
  10. Um, well I picked up lots of chronic when I used to have to buy from dealers, but now that I have MMJ I've never seen a strain just called Chronic. Doesn't mean it's not out there though.
  11. Kush is an Indica strain not a quality type.

    Chronic is also a strain but it isnt a very common strain. Most people use the word "Chronic" to describe dank bud.
  12. isnt every strain either kush or chronic?

  13. No, Kush is an indicia and from what I read about Chronic it's a hybrid. So that would leave out sativas.

    Chronic is usually used as a description of very high quality weed as well and not all weed you come across is going to be chronic, actually, most of it probably won't be.
  14. from where im from they are both descriptions of dank weed. kush is also a strain, but most likley they are just talking about good weed for both.
  15. I always thought chronic was just another name for danky ass weed.
    kush, I thought, was a strain.
  16. Nah, chronic is it's own strain.
    It's one of my favorites, I used to get a 1/4 for free every weekend while my cousin was married to this one girl.
    I miss her.
  17. yea nice thread, i hope people will start to get the facts right(doubt it with most mainstream ppl). Yeah there both strains and ppl need to start calling really good weed just really good weed. Well around here, good weed is called 50 bud, because pretty much everyone sells anything with a name for 50 an 8th.
  18. slang is different everywhere man, so really..this thread is pointless cuz noone will give you the "correct" answer.:rolleyes:
  19. #20 freddielokster, Feb 25, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2009
    i had to bring this thread back,LA we don't say mids, beasters, but it's mostly slang stress=swag Chronic= any dank above the stress level and finally KUSH the piney powerfull bud we all love to burn, of course kush and chronic are actual strains but many non growers and non medical patients arent't with the strain names and mostly goes by these terms so stress chronic kush

    And kush is definitely stronger than bud sold as chronic (in LA)

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