kush prices

Discussion in 'General' started by s3riousbusin3ss, May 5, 2011.

  1. I know a couple people that said they get ounces for 1000 dollars I'm in nc I can get them for 350 at the highest soo I was just wondering is it true
  2. 1000 an Oz that's like 35 a gram.

    They might get that if they're mentally challenged. I doubt it really if they did they wouldn't tell any one.
  3. $1000 an ounce? That's insane
  4. That means they are paying 35 dollars a gram. They lied or meant elbows, or are just really stupid. Let me know where they at, ill ship em a pound for 10k :rolleyes:
  5. they meant qp's for 1k
  6. oh lord this thread made me angry
  7. i was just making sure
  8. 350 an o sounds right for NC. I never have to pay over 20 a g

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