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Kush Prices...

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by WEEZYx420, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Hello all, I was wondering if $350 is a good price for a ounce of good kush?
  2. FUCK YES. BUY THAT SHIT MAN! And when you get it PM me pictures haha!
  3. I thought it was pretty high...I am used to getting it for $250 -$300 range...I think it's steep! I donnoif prices rised or what?!
  4. wrong place to ask this question, but depending on if it's actual quality dank, then that sounds average (considering the inflated prices of Cental/East Coast America.) Unless it was crossed with a strong sativa strain then the nugs of kush shoud be dense and have a slight earthy/skunky smell.
  5. yes kush shouldnt be more than 400 a zip but it can be....its a quick dense flowering plant so the prices are usually cheap
  6. lol. kush is the most expensive bud right now thanks to all the fuck boy rappers.

    i know people who pay 6 bills an oz for good medi quality kush from the west coast.

    it also depends on what kind of kush. real og will be more expensive because it doesnt harvest a lot and takes longer than most kushes. master or hindu should be cheaper because its usually a better harvester.

    irregardless it depends where you go. you can live in cali for a month and probably find ounces of kush for 350 or 4. down here you're not finding good kush for less than 5 an oz unless you know growers. usually more.

    people will charge you 25 a g all the way up on very ounce if you let em.
  7. good points but im not so sure irregardless is a word lol.
  8. $350 is a great price for kush. Depends on where you live too.
  9. irregardless is most definitely a word....
  10. if your in the west coast then i would say 350 is way too expensive
    it should be 250 to 300
    and if the kush is hydro it should b that price
    if its outdoor grown then it should b cheaper. kush bushes in ooutdoors proudce lbs per plant

  11. It is a word, people just say regardless, even linguists.
  12. if it is good kush then 350 is a normal price to be paying for a zip.

    where do you live, norcal? the reason i ask is because i noticed things were a little different up there when i went visiting friends. in socal you probably wouldn't be able to get good kush for 250. i get mine for 280-360 (and that's because i know the grower) but the clinics sell it for 440-460 so yeah...lol.
  13. subscribed, gotta follow this one

    what about prices on red diesel, northern lights, ect...

    how do u price the shit

    do u need a geiuna pig to price it for u if u dont smoke???

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