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Kush for 35/g

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420Blazethatkush, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Scored some top shelf kush up in the U.P.  Stuff was furry.  :hello:

  2. Did you pay $35/g for it? If so I hope you enjoy it so much to make up for overpaying by atleast $15/g depending on where you live.
  3. Sounds like a ripoff top shelf is $12/g at most in California probably $20/g in some other states.
  4. Holy crap, that's a lot for a gram. Some people pay that for a gram of oil.
  5. OK...…...............………
  6. daaaaam daaaaw that's pretty fucking steep. I hope you're blasted the fuck out of this world right now cause the grower may or may not apparently have been Jesus Christ himself.
  7. At $35 a g, he can keep it. I'd rather go without
  8. Yeah OP... no pic=no weed.... especially Kush!
  9. go get your money back 
  10. I simply couldn't afford to smoke at $35- thats nuts!
  11. lol fuk that... id only pay those prices out of desperation while on vacation or somethin..
  12. 35/G what kinda kush is that?
  13. 35 bucks?! That's a complete fucking rip anything over 20/g is bullshit. I hope you get high as fuck so you won't remember how much money you spent on it haha.
  14. Fucking hell man
  15. lololol. I dont care where you live in america dude, never pay more than 20 a gram for any bud......only things worth more are hash and stuff we cant talk about...
  16. That price is INSANE. Only buy that stuff i you can smell it from a few feet away while its in a mason jar, maybe not even then.
  17. Don't pay more than 20. In the west coast it's 10 a gram, and out east it's 20... 35 is what I pay for a gram of wax

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  18. Way overpaying, brah
  19. I'm gonna assume you're new to this.

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