Kung-Fu, Wire-Fu, Badass-Fu, and TIGERCLAW! Martial arts movies here!

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  1. Alright post'em up. Lets get a great list of kungfu/martial arts movies going. Try to label them with some brief synopsis, I'll construct my list around some of my favorite martial arts actors.

    I'll start with some Donnie Yen greats, the Ip Man series is all Wing-Chun focused with him demonstrating it against other kung fu's/eastern karate, and even Western Boxing(ip man 2) 14 Blades and Iron Monkey he uses more of a wushu form of combat, but they're all great. 14 Blades has easily some of the best tiger-claw cinematography, on par with True Legend.

    Ip Man (On Netflix Instant) Yip Man (2008) - IMDb
    Ip Man 2 Yip Man 2 (2010) - IMDb
    14 Blades Jin yi wei (2010) - IMDb
    Iron Monkey Siu nin Wong Fei Hung ji: Tit Ma Lau (1993) - IMDb

    some Tony Ja greats, most of his movies are tremendous displays of his athleticism and knowledge of Muay Thai, and all of its weapon/hand-to-hand variations. Also Ong Bak 2 & 3 he displays kungfu/eastern fighting styles, and also weapons combat. Very, very impressive, especially ong bak 2.

    Ong Bak 1 Ong-bak (2003) - IMDb
    Ong Bak 2 (On Netflix Instant) Ong bak 2 (2008) - IMDb
    Ong Bak 3 (On Netflix Instant) Ong Bak 3 (2010) - IMDb
    The Protector Tom yum goong (2005) - IMDb

    Now lets do some Jet Li, as most of you probably already know with a few exceptions, Jet Li usually is synonymous with wushu of some form. Even in weapons combat. Some of his best work, at least in my opinion:

    The Forbidden Kingdom The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) - IMDb
    (So yeah the storyline is silly... Jet Li's Wushu versus Chan's Drunken Boxing is pretty fucking serious :p)
    The Warlords (On Netflix Instant) Tau ming chong (2007) - IMDb
    Fearless Huo Yuan Jia (2006) - IMDb
    Unleashed Unleashed (2005) - IMDb
    The Shaolin Temple Shaolin Si (1982) - IMDb
    Fist of Legend Jing wu ying xiong (1994) - IMDb

    Alright here's some other GREAT martial arts movies that stood out to me, and i'll give a brief synopsis why.

    Raging Phoenix Deu suay doo (2009) - IMDb (On Netflix Instant)
    Ok this movie's plot is just "O_O" but it has some stellar fight sequences. This movie is mostly a skip-through to the fight scenes, but you won't be sorry. The movie blends highly acrobatic variations of Brazillian Capoeira with Drunken Boxing. Really fun to watch.

    Undisputed III: Undisputed III: Redemption (2010) - IMDb (On Netflix Instant)
    Didn't see the first two, don't really care. This movie is chalk full of awesome fight sequences that pits many different fighting styles against eachother.

    True Legend Su Qi-Er (2010) - IMDb
    This movie's plot was alright, the acting was OK, the fight coreography, was breath taking. Ever fight scene in the movie is well done, and sets itself apart from the others. This one has brilliant wushu, tiger claw(though its called Five Poison something or another) it has GREAT weapons combat, just all around awesome. Also peppered in is some great drunken boxing.

    I'd wager that all of these films are available on icefilms.info, just type the title into the search bar.
  2. where are bruce lee's films? D:
  3. yea man D: where the HELL are they?!?!?!:mad:
  4. I just watched 13 Assassins last night. it was a pretty good samurai film. Also watch the Lone Wolf and Cub films they are awesome. I think there are seven of them. Its about a samurai turned ronin who travels with his toddler son.
  5. If you want actual good kung fu movies instead of the crap that ruins the rep of the genre, I recommend all of these highly. Obscure and amazing movies.

    -Fearless Hyena
    -Snake in the monkey's shadow
    -Enter the dragon
    -Drunken master
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    enter the dragon is sickkk!
  7. WAAAA PAAAAA!!! *bruce lee crazy death stomp face* :mad:
  8. A lot of the Shaw Brothers movies are classic, like Shaolin Master Killer and Shaolin vs Wu Tang. :smoke:
  9. My top three shaw bros flicks:

    8 diagram pole fighters
    Dirty Ho
    Crippled Avengers
  10. Enter The Dragon
    Game of Death
    The 36th Chamber of Shoalin
  11. return of the dragon
  12. I watched Ip Man yesterday for the first time, it was incredible. :smoke:
  13. Way Of The Dragon (c'mon man Bruce Lee fights Chuck Norris in this)
    Enter The Dragon
    Kiss Of The Dragon
    House Of Flying Daggers
  14. Kung fu hustle hands down
  15. no sonny chiba love???????????
  16. Lone Wolf and Cub/Shogun Assassin (more samurai then martial arts, but whatever, still a great movie)

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