Kung fu dinosaurs..

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  1. This is kind of interesting.. not really shocking, when I ever imagined them battling as a kid.. maybe as an adult, that they were ass kickers. Imagine a big ass monkey's tail with a cluster of spikes on the end of it.. ouch.

  2.  Ankylosaurids are another dinosaur with a cool tail, actually very closely related to Stegosauridae.
      Ceratopsians ran on their hind-legs.  All those pics of Triceratops lumbering around like a buffalo are so wrong :laughing:
  3. I kinda imagine a triceratops as moving more like a bunny than a Buffalo

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy6-En53odQ
  5. LOL I used to love that show when I was like 5

  6. Dinosaurs are the only good reason to invent time machines.
    How much would you pay to actually see two dinosaurs fight?
  7. They comment a on how dinosaurs have very small brains relative to their size.
    Maybe this is a leap of the imagination but perhaps dinosaurs brains were somehow more efficient, I mean bird brains are very small (not so much relative to body size) but birds like african grey parrots or ravens are incredibly intelligent. 
  8. I would give a body part to have seen the dinosaurs.. kind of sucks, for better or worse, if they never went extinct, we wouldn't be who we are today.

    I don't think dinosaurs were dumb, but their brains were pretty primitive. When dinosaurs came into the picture, there were factors that allowed them to have huge bodies, but the brain was still rather young in its evolution. Their bodies grew, but their brain not so much.. probably cause it really didn't need to at the time. Still, they were probably almost as intelligent as birds today.

    You can usually get a good gauge of intelligence based on how they care for their young. Insects usually just reproduce in mass and hope for the better. Same with fish for the most part.. both might care for the eggs, but that's usually it. Amphibians are a lil further up the ladder, but not much more above fish of course. Once you get to mammals, there is a lot more care as it takes longer to grow up. Increase the complexity of life and it'll naturally take longer to mature..

    Like insects, fish, amphibians, and reptiles.. dinosaurs varied in how they reared their young. A good many prey animals just reproduced in mass, lesser intelligence. Predator dinosaurs had to teach how to hunt, more protective of their offspring, more intelligent. I forget the exact name of the species, but it was a brachiosaur type dinosaur and the evidence they found pointed to them just laying vast amounts of egg clutches along their migration and just kept on moving. Tells me that dinosaur wasn't very intelligent.
  9. Since your on the discussion of dinosaurs and their brains I recall seeing something on a dinosaur with two brains.The "extra" brain was apparently found inside the tail.

    It was interesting when I seen it.
  10. That's what they used to think, but now most all agree there were no dinosaurs with 2 brains. Some dinos have a cavity back there and it was first assumed that it was a 2nd brain to help with their big bodies.. but now we know there are animals alive today with similar features of the cavity and we know there is no brain in there.
  11. Is the spinal chord already kinda our second brain?

    It thinks for us so we don't have to wait to make decisions. Like when you pull back your hand after touching something hot. That's all spine no brain


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