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Kroll Show

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by StalinApproves, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Anyone else see the sneak peek of Comedy Centrals new show?

    It was a bit wild. So much happening at once I couldnt look away.
  2. i saw a few promos on comedy central for it but not much..

    so worth watching you think?
  3. I will definately catch the next episode. It was spoofs of other shows, and some odd situational stuff. At a rapid pace and then coming back to make a whole story, it kept me tuned in the whole time.

    The Canadian accents.. not sure if thats legit.
  4. so what exactly did you see? what did the sneak peak consist of? how long was it mostly ?
  5. 24 minutes. It was a special "On Demand" thing.

    They made fun of Degrassi with over the top accents. It was about him going to a new school, but it was for the physically handicapped so he was bullied for being able to walk. Straight up drama and what not.

    Another was Sex and the City for Dudes. Basically if all the main cast was guys.

    A Bravo! spoof where he plays a whiny stereotypical hollywood businesswoman who is throwing a party for puppy cancer funding.

    Him on an NBA court as a ref, and trying to party with some players.

    His mixtape for the girlfriend who is going to college.
  6. That sounds amusing. I don't watch t.v. much and never saw any of those you think it would still be funny without knowing about the references?

    I remember seeing Kroll's special on Comedy Central awhile back. He had some pretty funny characters.

  7. Definately. Anyone who can recognize the stereotype would be fine.
  8. I wanted to like this since I like kroll on The League, but this show is garbage. They should have given jon lajoe(taco) a sketch show, his youtube videos are fucking hilarious.

  9. Jon Lajoie is garbage as well. Just shitty music.
  10. Yea man i watched the show the other night and i didnt like it.. I didnt find it funny at all.
  11. It was definately different.

    Anybody got a guess on how long itll run?
  12. Half a season.. 6 episodes.. Maybe :laughing:

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