Kristen from New Hampshire

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kristen, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone. My name is kristen. I'm from new hampshire. I love to smoke. How could anyone not enjoy just chilling out? I don't get it. Anyway, i guess this is to introduce myself. I love to grow outdoors. I never grew indoor plants before but wouldnt mind doing it for the first time when the opportunity comes around.
    Anyway, I prefer joints over blunts. I just like to taste my reefer i guess. I do have several glass pieces that i have scored traveling through the us. But like i said...i'd prefer a simple old bone.
    Anyhow..i really dont know what to say so i guess thats it.
  2. Welcome to the City, Kristen. Ignore the trolls, mind the rules, and enjoy :)
  3. i've always wanted to join one of these sites but never did. too scared people would bother me about connects. but it seems pretty cool. Nice chill site.
  4. If anyone bothers you about hooking up report them to the mods. It's a huge no no :)

    For the most part this place is pretty chill. There *are* a lot of underage kids (the mods ban them when they catch them) and a fair share of trolls. Just ignore them. I took a break for a few months recently because the trolls and disrespect for the rules here were getting me angry, but such is life :)
  5. Welcome to the city!

    And like OSG said, don't feed the trolls.
  6. Welcome! Only been here a short while myself, but yes, it is a very relaxing and chill site for the most part.

    Comedy night is just about every night here, so pull up a chair, fire up a bowl, and prepare to laugh...

    (still thinking about that thread about eating dog food...LOL):smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. haha. cool cool. thanks everyone. I feel welcome already!
    I love to laugh so i'm in for the show.
  8. Welcome to the city. I live in southern NH as well.

    I am seeing more members from up here everyday it seems.
  9. Welcome aboard neighbor....have many fond memories of Hampton Beach. Enjoy the City...
  10. Only women get this many replies. Horny bastards. I'm calling you out.

  11. Somewhat true but not really. I haven't been replying to introduction threads for awhile because I wasn't around, but I've made many replies to these threads regardless of gender.

    I have a hot wife. Why would I care if this blade is a girl or not? :)

    EDIT: I was more intrigued that she's a fellow grower.

  12. cool cool. thats sweet!
    as do i. southern area

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