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Kreayshawn is just ignorant.

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by SwagCaleb, Aug 6, 2011.

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  2. I stopped reading the thread after I saw that, Idk why though :laughing:
  3. Have you even been there?
  4. When I first heard gucci gucci, I thought it was MC Chris. So, I say he is similar. Lol and nicki minaj is also a female rapper.

    I liked gucci gucci a lot. Then I looked her up on youtube, and I'm not a huge fan anymore. The music is eh. She hardly opens her mouth or moves in her videos. And the clothing looks ridiculous. But, image is not really a reason to judge someone's music. So, I'm totally open to being convinced that her music is good, if someone wants to give me a couple good songs I wasn't patient enough to find.
  5. for some reason, I can't stop watching that Bumpin Bumpin video.

    I think I find her attractive, thats why. but regardless I was bumpin bumpin a lil to it too :p
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    Do people here not know what the word ignorant means, I mean hjow in the hell is she ignorant? :confused:

    Stupid... perhaps, but ignorant no.

    Here's a real female emcee
    This song gives me the chills:

    She's about as hot as kreayshawn, but her message and modesty makes her that much more attractive :smoke:
  7. I respect Lady Sovereign a lot more than Kreayshawn

  8. :D Lil Debbie is so sexy!And I don't know what it is about her in the Gucci Gucci video,but she just seems kind of awkward in it and I'm loving it haha.
  9. Probably because her frames are too thick to see any kind of emotion on her face.
  10. How is this hipster hip-pop shit original? There's at least 50 rappers with similar styles/flows now.

    I'd much rather listen or look at Eternia like someone said above.
  11. This is all one big prank...and they are STILL gonna make $$ off of it. :D
  12. That Eternia chick is dope.

    but too much of a manly voice : /
  13. I just thought aboutit a bit, and if this shit becomes really popular that girl from Fantasy Factory might end up really gettin that rap deal she always wanted. :D

    BTW...the girls in these vids are ugly old bitches tryin to look like teenagers...

    Just sayin...

    Oh...and the name enternia is from Thats some OLLLD shit... :D
  14. Wait, someone said Oakland wasn't rough? What the fuck? Lmao, try gearing up in all red or blue and then walking through Oakland at night, you'll probably die. It's not like it's the hardest city in America, but there are tons of crap places in Oakland.
  15. Lol,girls with glasses are usually 10 times hotter than girls without....USUALLY.
  16. You're crazy bro!Lol.

    Look at that video of them I posted on the first page near the bottom.Watch that and tell me they aren't hot!
  17. Dude look at them in their interviews. They are UGLY. The one paints her fuckin eyebrows on, and the main girl "kreashawn" looks like she is 30+ years old. She may be younger, but she definitely has the amy winehouse thing goin on IMO. :D

    It is obviously a big joke. They arejust doing it to get laughs. No person with ANY self respect would act so ridiculous and be serious about it..

  18. Well,I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder.But what's wrong with women 30 +?Older women are ugly?

    To each his own I suppose.

    Most people like blondes with fake tits,bad tans and no personality.I guess I'm just different.
  19. I don have a problem with women over 30.

    I have a problem when they act like they are 14 years old. :D

    I just youtube searched that v-nasty chick. She is DISGUSTING!

    She acts ;like she is a black man! It shows her tryin to start fights and shit while walkin down the road, and everyone just ignores

    Fuckin kids these days...

    That girl needs a good ass whoopin...seriously..

    EDIT: What is the difference between a airhead with fake tits and a airhead without them???
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    Yeah V-Nasty is pretty lame actually,I have to agree with you on that.

    Edit:Is that a set up for a joke?Lol.
    If not,the airhead without them is natrual and to me,that is much more attractive.Honestly I don't even watch porn of girls with fake tits,it's just a turn-off.

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