Kreayshawn is just ignorant.

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  1. Has anyone heard this bitch except me?
    She's fucking horrible.
    [ame=]‪Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
    I sat through that whole video contemplating if she's actually trying or not.
  2. hater
    dont take it too seriously
  3. Yes I have and I had forgotten about it until now, because I don't give things I dislike more publicity by posting it on a big message board ha ha.
  4. it just irks me a bit.
  5. What the fuck did I just watch?
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    Thanks for cueing up my track!

    <~~~ presses play!


  7. good song, haters just jealous bo
  8. Listen to it a few times,then it becomes addictive.

    Plus her and Dj Lil Debbie are hotties.Watch this video,they're fuckin HOT!

    [ame=]‪Bandmating: Kreayshawn & L1L D3BB13 (Interview).mov‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  9. idk pretty much if you "hate" her songs your whats wrong with society, people who judge. Her music is just THAT! MUSIC, either u like it or dont.

    But people will try and judge her, is she fake, is she real? cmon now op..

    btw i think gucci gucci is a real! originality! was bumpin it gettin in n out other day and errbody was starin :D
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    She didn't even write the lyrics lol shes a joke....

    i feel bad for the dude who wrote all her songs then she dicked him with that sony deal for 7 figures and his ass is still broke.

    but i hate v-nasty smdh
  11. exactly i don't like her cause the song is bad.. i don't like her because the song is bad and she didn't even write it. what a rapper
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    There will always be a market for this kind of catchy pop shit. Little white girls are bound to fall in love with that hook. :rolleyes: Hating on it is pointless though, just ignore it. I just pretend fake ass musicians and fake ass people don't exist.
  13. you're hatin cause she isn't a basic bitch like every other rapping bop?
  14. If you think kreayshawn is ignorant, you should check out her friends.


    "i'm the realest out right now"

  15. dude it aint you style so quit listening and stop bitching.

    The joint is hot. I thought it wasjunk when I first heard it... but shit goes hard.
  16. She's a fucking joke. She's hideous, can't write her own shit, can't edit her own videos right and is as "basic" as those other bitches. Like little pseudohardass cunts like her aren't a dime a dozen anymore.

    Lil Debbie is hot as fuck though
  17. ^upset.
  18. I fucks with Kreayshawn

    I've been bumping KittysXChoppas for awhile

    You dudes take music too seriously, just enjoy the shit.
  19. About what, exactly?

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