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  1. Hey guys. Id like to welcome you all to my first grow journal I am glad to have you reading this hopefully youll stick around throughout my journal and give me some pointers or comments. I will be using 4 15w CFL bulbs and 1 80mm intake fan with a 120mm exhaust fan with a homemade active carbon scrubber. I was to lazy to go buy mylar so i rigged it up with aluminum foil. I put 6 Unknown strain dank seeds into some wet paper towels the way i usually germinate seeds, hopefully in a few days a few will show signs of a root and ill be able to get them going but for now I snapped a few shots of the grow box.

  2. That's a nice looking stealth box, Krazy! Although I'd recommend against using aluminum foil, since it creases so easily. Those creases can create hotspots, which are difficult to find, and can easily cook (or at the very least stress) a plant. I definitely suggest making the effort to get mylar, or black white poly, or even posters with glossy white backs.

    I haven't seen that kind of mount for lightbulbs before, that plug right into an outlet like that. What are they called, and where did you get them (and where can I get some?)

    Best of luck to you, I'll be checking in!
  3. dude i rigged that up by myself basically what it is.

  4. and i will also be buying mylar shortly i just don't know how i will be able to hang it because duct tape worked well with aluminum. i didn't know it would cause hot spots i just thought it wouldn't reflect as well, but since my plants are under CFLs i plan on keeping them pretty close to the bulbs at most times.
  5. Where did you get the plug to light socket converters?
  6. Home Depot has everything you need for a soil grow.
  7. Yeah, im pretty sure CFL's arent powerful enough to cuase 'hot spots'. I had aluminum foil all over my old setup and never had anything even like that happen. But maybe I was just lucky, you know :)

    Good lucc with yours tho, agn, sicc setup. +rep
  8. I would say cover all sides with plastic, then mylar it up and use tin tape to secure it. That tape is good stuff. Just tell the people in the store (Lowes, Menards, Home De Pot) you need to seal a crack in your heat duct coming out of your furnace in the basement, they'll bring you right to the tape.
  9. Sorry for the double post but I thought I would tell you.

    I read just now that most chip bags with the shiny inside are made out of mylar
  10. good thinking bro i saw someone does this with all rice krispies rofl!. honestly id rather buy mylar then eat a bunch of junk food.
  11. mylar is really easy to mount, i used spray adhesive and i stuck the mylar to cardboard, who knew a shitty space blanket could work so well. i just sprayed up the carboard and layed on the mylar, its wrinkled as fuck but it still reflects light. i then cut at the seperations of carboard and wala my walls were done. and carboard was really easy to maniuplate to fit my grow area.
  12. beautiful idea where can i get such a thing as spray adhesive? home depot?
  13. nice! keep it updated
  14. will do, its been 24 hours since the seeds have been germinating.
  15. did you buy the comp supplies (fans and case) online? and if so where? i am really interested in a pc grow since i am moving into a house with my buddies next semester and i wanna start to growm my own to save money and learn something

    and helpful hints that you have for me now, as well as when the grow is happening would be awesome and ill be visiting this thread often to see how it turns out

    good luck bro +rep
  16. Id just like to know where you got your case haha... Looks nice ^_^

    The spray on adhesive.. I grabbed some target while i was pickin some crap up there.. but you can get it HD no prob.

    And you gave me an idea for my lights finally!! Been trying to figure out how to mount em :)
  17. sweet great i can help. 3 seeds so far out of 5 germinated and are in my soil fixture. ill specify more tommorow. :smoke::smoke:
  18. did u plant them?
  19. what did you forget to reply when you said assuming you were ripped which is all good
  20. It seems like a lot of trouble for such a small grow op. but its cool none the less. I would suggest stacking something up under your pots so their right under the lights so they will stay small. just dont let them grow into the bulbs.

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