Krave Glass Bubbler

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I have a Krave brand glass on glass bubbler that has a huge joint on the downstem...more than double the size of the standard 18mm

    I've been looking for a new diffuser for over 5 months and cannot come across anything...

    Has anyone ever heard of Krave Glass? It's not like I can bring it back to the store and ask them if they remember...

    There is a video on Youtube of someone showing off/using the same is the link.... [ame=""][/ame]

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. [ame][/ame]
  3. hmm, never seen a downstem with that huge gong joint. i think your best bet would be to try contacting the company directly or contacting a blower who can replicate it.
  4. Bump for help!
  5. dude the downstem is a nice looking showerhead why replace it?
  6. Step 1. Grab ruler.
    Step 2. Measure joint.
    Step 3. Type XXmm joint downstem into google.
    Step 4. Order.

    Or, head down to an LHS and ask them if they've got a glassblower who could order a joint and make you a downstem.

  7. Because two of the glass slits broke off and it works like a regular downstem

  8. Grass City also sells 45mm as well....

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