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    Does any one like there band, I love them I know all there songs, I love getting baked to there music. I'm wearing there shirt right now :)

    If You love KMK take a Rip for them

    VV Best Video
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF34KvW5uPo]YouTube - Kottonmouth Kings - Proud To Be A Stoner[/ame]

    VV 2nd Best
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU_fPH5E_FM]YouTube - Kottonmouth Kings-Tangerine Sky[/ame]

    VV 3nd Best.....>>Sex to this song is awesome, turn up you're bass :)
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIdogay3QUg]YouTube - kottonmouth kings - take a bath[/ame]
  2. I think they are a disgrace to music, but that's my opinion.
  3. Why they went out on a limb and started a punk/hip hop band...All they want is some legalization, don't you want the same?
  4. Look home boy im gonna say this now. I love kmk. but im not crazy with them like i was when i first started toking. yea they a different with the rip hop style music. and yea they are some crazy weed smokers. but you seem to be a lil to inta them. and also u seem like a new weed smoker. imo dont take this to heart im not trying to be an ass
  5. How could you come to any of those conclusions based on what he posted?
  6. Agree'd I have been token daily for 2 years. I have been liken KMK for a year and a half. I like there style of music its different and out there. I rather go to a kmk consert that slipknot (which I just saw slipknot)
  7. i like the songs Rest of My Life and Proud to Be a Stoner.. thats it tho. i think all their (<---hint!)other songs are garbage. even when im high they dont sound good. i do give them props on how much of the chronic they smoke tho, and their strain Kingsblend did pretty good in the cannibus cup i think

  8. Yeah it depends on what kind of music you like. When I get baked some of the current bands play some depressing music KMK just makes me wanta take another rip. I like disturbed baked to. Whats your guys favorite bakin bands?
  9. just bye what he said. idk maybe im just getting use to all the new smokers out here but they seem to always say things like that. but my bad bro. just going off what u said. and yes kmk rocks \,,/
  10. I used to like them, but singing only about weed gets a little old.
  11. Lol It's kewl..Kmk is pot smoking band, I like hard rock and soft rock like disturbed and linkin park and default/nickelback for soft rock
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    Tech N9ne
    Big B
    Dirt Ball
    Head PE

    Gorilla Zoe
    Lil Waynes mix tapes.
    bunch of old skool hip hop
    chicano rap

    As I Lay Dieing
    Nickle Back
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Iron Maiden
    Drowning Pool
    and a bunch more
  13. Country sings about death and love
    rap=sex, drugs, hot bitches and ******s

    every kind of music sings about the same thing, NOT ALL THE TIME BUT MOST OF THE TIME, It depends on the artist
  14. their novelty wore off 9 years ago
  15. im just about originality and style. and most important can they put a sick ass verse together and play it out
  16. I don't really mind them, but I'm not really a fan either. The only song I really like is "Rest Of My Life" and that can get old fast if it's played too much.
  17. i agree kmk got old for me fast
  18. Yea i listen to them pretty often. One of my fav bands. I guess i understand why most people, even smokers, don't like it. But thats cool, its not for everybody.

    nice list of bands Civic

    all music sounds the same to me. everythings been done before.

    fuck country
    fuck soft rock
    fuck the blues
    fuck metal
    fuck you
  19. there songs about weed are good when ur craving weed but when your high there music dosnt cut it

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