Kottonmouth Kings "Long Live The Kings"

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  1. do they have any chill, psychedelic sounding songs on their new album? more like their style from "Rollin Stoned" and "Hidden Stash II"??

    Sounds like all their new stuff are like 90% club songs and i'm lookin for that good old early - mid 2000's sounds

    the good vibes, the mellow tunes, the trippy beats. where are they at on the new album?! i need track titles
  2. Well there is a lot of threads regarding the new CD. And quite frankly it sucks. It has the club feel like their last few albums have had. Do not pick this up if you want their early sounding good shit, Long Live The Kings is a club type album.

    I have fully given up on KMK.
  3. aw come on.....

    theres gotta be at least 1 or 2 trippy laid back psychedelic songs!

    that was their best style by FAR

    (and why in the hell is pakelika out and dirball in? wtf)
  4. Simply KMK want money, so they are kicking people out who are useless to the group. Pak wasn't useless to the image. I actually liked him more than most the kings. And I've listened to this twice, and didn't find any old school styled song.
  5. Reefer Madness, Simple and Free, Mushrooms, Kill the pain, are the only songs I actually liked; the rest just kinda seemed repitive and annoying imo.


    Their old stuff is still good tho.
  6. their music is too corny
  7. I just listend to 'The Green Album' and its got some good old psychedelic sounding songs
  8. i used to listen to KMK alot years ago but it seems like they havn't put out a good album since Rollin' Stoned. i thought Fire It Up had a couple decent tracks but ever since No.7 i've kinda given up on them. i still jam their old shit alot though. they'll never put out another Royal Highness:(
  9. I just hope their next album goes back to the chill psychedelic stage.

    At their age thats where it should be anyways.

    Aren't they getting a little old for 95% club songs???

    Go get chill!!!
  10. Old KMK man
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHQh9VRj77M]YouTube - Kottonmouth Kings - Tangerine Sky[/ame]

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