Kotton Mouth Kings!!!

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  1. Anybody like Kotton Mouth Kings? I used to not like them but I got fucked up two nights ago and now I like that shit a lot. I wish I had that lifestyle...Wake up, write music, smoke weed. I already wake up and smoke weed daily, but it'd be cool to be workin, gettin paid a shitload of money, and smokin at the same time. Damn I'm fucked up right now, maybe that's why this post dont make sense to me now that I re read it....Fuck it...peace out.

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  2. man the kings kick ass, check out my name :p i fuckin wish i lived in Cali right now, kansas has some shcwag ass shit but im soon gonna be growin some trees.
  3. kottonmouth kings...I only heard maybe 2 songs from em. but you know, kinda liked what I heard already...any good songs to suggest to a music lover that i can dl?

  4. Download "Life Roals On"
    it's rolls
  5. funny thing, we just bought this dvd the other day. it's pretty entertaining, man do those dudes smoke bowls or what!
  6. haha you got the dopeumentry? i cant fuckin find mine.. i hope no one hiested it last night when i had a smokeout. ill be pissed
  7. dude kotton mouth kings kick ass
  8. i love the kings their bests songs are All about the weed , and Wicket clowns ft. Insane clown posse
  9. uhh.. arent those those white trashey metal-rappers?

    ..am i missing something here?
  10. phunkphil, why are you such a party pooper? Damn, just dont post on topics like this if ur gonna say that kinda shit.....

    Back to the subject....I suggets you download Kings Blend. That song and its video are pretty cool.
  11. so i guess the answer is yes, then.

    i dont exactly understand the appeal, but you couldve just said "yes, we ARE talking about KMK the metal-rappers", and that wouldve been that. dont get your panties in a knot..
  12. music is very diverse, and while the kmk aren't everyone's cup of tea, there's no need for disrespect from either side of the topic.

    please try to keep this forum a positive, unhostile place. music is meant to enjoy, not cause arguments, and i'd like to keep this forum focused on the positive aspects about music, and not turn it into a mud-slinging contest between genres. (i've seen it happen, it isn't pretty)

  13. kmk's are ok, i'd like to get there cds but can't afford it. Icp is the shit, i have almost all there cds, the only ones i don't have are rare
  14. yeah icp is the shit. I got into KMK because of their music video for Kings Blend. It shows them at the 2000 cannabis cup and just hangin out in amsterdam. Nonstop smoking for like 3 minutes.
  15. icps 6th and final jokers card is coming out november 5th, 10 yrs of waiting is about to pay off.
  16. last two ICP albums I bought were Bizaar and Bizarre.
  17. yeah i got them, i had a friend burn them for me, i'm not sure if i'm going to buy the 6th jokers card when it comes out or if i'm going to find someone to burn it for me too, my friend that burns me cds is in boot camp right now though. But he should be out before november. well i gotta go because i have to baby sit some asshole kids, i'll probably save that money for the cd, or for some new earrings, i think i'm going to get some 2 gauge loops, i want to strech the holes in my ears a little bit more, there too small i can't fit my finger through them yet.
  18. haha damn i couldnt stand to get that shit stretched...unless maybe i was high.
  19. HeY gUYs..um i must be high n all but that one dude FUNKYPHIL i think his comment was kool u kno its the truth not many people like them dudes for whatever reason hes just posting an appt opinion about the band and i think hes been long with us/you/me enough to be able to post common opinions! so he didnt say they suck *cough cough ..(damn cold)..he was just telling it like it iz...well im high n i im just sending it out!!...back to my smoke...

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  20. yeah.....riiiiiiiiiight

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