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    How yall feel bout these thangs?

    Ive been smokin newport hundos for many a years, Switched to marlbroro menthol for like a month about a year back when they had em major cheap. Sometimes buy 2 get 2 free so i smoked em.

    But i bummed a kool off a dude at work and i liked it, Real mentholy it tasted real good.

    But man, I dont know if its those or the bong or the cold air latley but my throats been hurrtin tonight.

    I dont really know anyone who smokes these boys, Like 98% of people i know smoke newports lol.
  2. never been my thing, i like actually tasting the tobacco, i guess im weird. to each his own though :D

    most of the time i smoke something camel, but i switch it up all the time, i hate smoking one brand.
  3. I hate caigarettes period,but kools are always a good substitute for the dreaded Newport's.:D
  4. Yup. My first couple packs of cigs were Kools. Haven't really smoked any of them for a while. Moved on to Newports or Marlboro Smooths. Mmm...I think nostalgia might make me pick up a pack of them soon though. :D
  5. I remember gettin em way back; they had the buy 1 get one free thing
    pretty decent as I remember, I used to like marl menthols too, those are good
  6. I mean this shit almost seem worst then my newports.

    I love newport hundos, Been smoking them since my preteens if not earlier and only brand ive been loyal too, Shit ive bought less then 5 different brands of packs in my day which is many a years.

    Maybe 4 -5 different packs i can thank of.

    Ive smoked many, Marlboro reds man, Fuck off. Ill take a puff and hack up shits garbage. I prefer menthol, And STRONG menthol at that.

    I dont know, I aient familar with kools, But these packs almost seem like shorts like newport kings which i prefer newport hundos because newport kings are too strong and not enough square IMO.

    These kools i got seem a tiny bit longer then the newport kings but shorter then the newport hundos.

    These thangs are super menthol, So IMO super SMOOTH.

    Thas my shit.

    But i noticed coughin more afterwards, But i jus may have to get used to em. Shit like a buck cheaper at most places then newports.

    Only a couple stores anymore can i get newport hundos out the door at $5.00.

    Looseys aient 25 cent no more, Try 50 cent, Shits then 10 bucks a pack, Bullshit.

    Alot of places latley is $5.25-5.75 a pack of newport hundos, More on the higher end latley.

    Shit, At the place i work they like $6.25, SHITS REDICOULUS. IVE NEVER HEARD OF SQUARES GOIN THAT MUCH.

    But i can get kools $4.00-$4.50 out the door most stores these days. My works like $5.25 which is bullshit. I went to the gas station by me today figurin kools would be chepa and they was $5.25, Like fuck you.

    At some tobbaco stores i can get newports 3 for $10.00 and shit.

    Enough drunken ramblin hahah.
  7. You think cigarettea are expensive,go to New york,you'll be lucky if anybody bless's you with a jack.(DC term)
  8. i like kools better than newports, but i smoke either kool milds, or newport mediums. perfect amount of menthol for me
  9. I dont like to spend money on shit and not like it. I value my money to the fullest haha.

    Which is why i dont expriement with some shti too much muhc because itsa posible waste of money.

    Ima try some marb menthols again next and see how they is. Im usually against marbs tho lol.

    Do kool xl's come in 100's tho? Cuz these deff seem like shorts. In 100's they may be better because less menthol in a small place.

    I like heavy mentol. But newport kings ect, I like a strong menthol evetually. Like evertyhing, I take it easy and slow.
  10. I never really got down with the menthols, I smoke reds, but if I'm blown, or really stoned, then I'll enjoy the fuck out of a 'port for some reason.
  11. KSR try goin with the Kool XL, they are pretty fat.

    Also if you ever wanna smoke a nice ass cig smoke Turkish Jades.. They have so much smoke coming offa them me and my friends make smoke rings off the cigs. They arent menthols, but turkish silvers are, and they may smoke just as much.
  12. back when i used to smoke i smoked the green kools. shit got expensive though, and i have asthma, fuck that shit.

  13. :evil laugh: bow to the reds.

    reds = 2.87/pack, 13.48 for a five pack carton. cheap as shit yo! and so yummy. eat a hershey's cookies and cream and then light up a red and tell me it's not the most amazing taste sensation you have ever experienced.
  14. Yeh man, got a FULL pack of newport 100s. Can't wait to chain them while doing lines tonight, haha.

    I haven't tried the kool menthols yet. A regular kool was enough of a turn off. :D

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