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  1. Hey guys, let me give you a little background of whats going on and give me your advice. Theres some Barneys farm LSD, and G13 c99 in 3gallon coco pots. today makes 10 weeks since switch but the trich's are still clear/cloudy and i dont see any amber. Used nectar for the gods nutrients since clone, and i ran out of hurculeas harvest about 3 weeks ago (source for P, liquid bone meal). about a week ago, i decided to give the dynagro bloom sample i had a try instead of continuing NFTG without major source of P.  I think they look similar in size to the originals from seed (height and buds), but im expecting koolbloom dry shortly, as well as maxibloom as i plan on switching. Should i wait a day or 2 and hit it with a dose of koolbloom or 2, then flush, or should i just start flushing now? again, its 10 weeks since switch (60-65 days reccomended for LSD, 50-55 reccomended for C99). Since im running coco, i planned on a 6-8 day flush with plain PH'd water with plenty of runoff. Ive always cut after reccomended time wether trichs showed amber or not. should i just hit it with koolbloom and hope for fatter buds, or just save it for next and cut sooner?
    I started in fox farms ocean forest, switched to coco, next round is in coco hempy buckets with perlite bottoms. Just from veg, i can tell you hempy outperformed both in terms of ease AND growth rate. im using dynagro grow for these hempys at the moment. Im going to be switching to maxibloom when it arrives. any other tips would be appriciated. mainly want know about what to do with the current flowers though.


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