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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by One_Love_Herb, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. i recently started to sprinkle koolaid powder into my can actually taste it. just learned about it the other day from a friend of mine. i actually like it though.

    anyone else like sprinkle stuff in theirs to add flavor?

    i remember we bought this mint shit we put in our bud that we got at a headshop one time.

    im kinda curious just tryin to find some new ideas :)
  2. Sorry i have to do it
    [ame=]YouTube - Kool-Aid Man Tribute[/ame]
  3. I don't know...I wouldnt be sprinkling much of anything into my bowls.
  4. haha i want to do this now, i dont think it would affect it too much, maybe im wrong though
  5. no im not saying its a big change. but you can get a little taste of it. at least i did when i tried it with my friend..or maybe i just thought i did because i was high.
  6. Im pretty sure(dont quote me), that you should not be smoking sugar.
  7. Koolaid powder doesn't have sugar in it :confused:

    I still wouldn't smoke it.
  8. Really?
    anyway im sure theres sorts of gum and lots of other preservative crap since its powder.
  9. it was only 2 times. with my friend. he told me i hada try it so obviously im not gonna turn down someone who wants to smoke me up :D
  10. Be above the influence man.

    Of your dumb ass friend who made you smoke kool aid.

    If someone said illl smoke you up, but only if you smoke some kool aid also, i would say GTFO of here with that
  11. ya i guess its not really a good idea.

    it was a lot or anything just sprinkled onto the weed.

    but thanks for the advice guys.
  12. You must be smoking dirt if you need to give your weed an extra taste. I love the way kush smells, tastes, feels, and looks.
  13. well i smoke shwag right now and my god it taste pretty bad... So I might try this kool aid... or any of those powdered packet thingy. Thanks for the idea lol! I thought of trying peanut butter or chocolate but that means extra work to clean my bowl
  14. i find it hard to believe that koolaid doesnt have sugar in it (or some sugar-substitute which would be even worse for your lungs) but yea this is a stupid idea.
  15. caramelized sugar or whatever would not do good for the lungs, or your piece.
  16. How would you possibly use chocolate or peanut butter????

    Oh, i can't resist
  17. you smoked koolaid?!?!?! rofl do you have any idea how bad that is?
  18. Well I love peanut butter and chocolate and I hate it how I have to dig my fingers in into the jars after every hit... So like why not put some cream on top of the bowl lol?
  19. Because they would just melt, make your bud soggy, clog up your peice, and not even affect the taste at all
  20. Which is why I never did it... Still waiting for a retard to do it one day

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