KoB, BPP, Zonedude< And Oviot...

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Bud Head, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. There were three midget friends sitting around on sunday drinking beer and watching football..

    Kind of bongish, Big poppa Puff, and Zonedued..

    Zonedude went to get another round of beers when he realised that he had such tiny hands..

    He comes back into the TV room and said" Hey guys I think I have the smallest hands in the world..

    The other two looked at his hands and theirs and said " you could have the smallest hands in the world..

    Then BPP takes off his shoes and props his feet on the table in front of him.. He notices his feet are so tiny..

    He call attention to his feet and says "Hey guys I bet I have the smallest feet in the world...

    The other two look at his feet and agree that he may have the smallest feet...

    KoB (not to be out done) says "I may have the smallest dick in the world.....

    With out looking the other two say OK if you say so...

    After the game ended, BPP and Zonedude start talking about the Guenis book of world records and decide to go..

    Not to be out done KoB decides to go with them...

    The next morning the get up early and go do to the GBWR..

    Zonedude say" ya'll wait right here and let me see if I do have the smallest hands..

    He comes back in 15 minutes jumping for joy...He has the smallest hands..

    BPP speaks up and says " ya'll wait right here. I'll be back in 15 minutes...

    He comes out jumping for joy... He has the smallest feet..

    KoB Says Ya'll wait right here.. I'll be back in 15 minutes..

    After 3 hours KoB comes out crying..

    ZD abd BPP ask him what was wrong..

    He replied....... Do ya'll know Obliviot????

    Obliviot only beat him by a couple of Micro Millimeters though...

  2. I knew ya'll would enjoy that...

    I do think zonedude still uses tweezers though... Thats what RMJL said any way!!!!!!!
  3. I thought this would get more replies than it did... LOL

  4. Ewwwww not the fungus!!!! Thats is nasty!!!!

    Big Tweezers..... I didn't think they made but one size... Where do you get those???
  5. Well shit......I should have known that you get them at the big tweezer stores..... I just use both hands!!!!!!!1

  6. Uh uh...leave me out of this!
  7. l knew he was fibbin cause rumjilly mentioned something about pepper as well ,lol.:D

  8. No No No nO nO....please, leave me out of all of it![​IMG][​IMG]lol,critter.[​IMG]
  9. OK RMJL I'll leave you out of it..

    It musta been critter that told me! LOL

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