Know of anyways to make sure no one snags up your crop?

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  1. Last year I had one of my outdoor gardens stolen lucky I dont grow all my dope in one place.I was wondering if anyone knows of a good way so that my plants have a better chance of not being seen or touched?
  2. mmm...yes indoor, but this is the OUTDOOR form! LOL thou... you dont need a slap you need to have a toke :D
  3. You just had to ask, didnt you? You knew that I will be here wrighting every bit of info on outdoor growing that I know, and what I dont know about outdoor growing could hardly fill a jewelry box. So ok, here I go...(PS. I will b e writing htis fast likely so please excuse any spelling errors..)

    First off, the one enevitable fact that people get there outdoor crop stolen, and it happens more then I like to think. You cant put an electric fence around your site or have a crack team of stoned teenagers watch over your crop to make sure it is safe, so do the next best thing. Out smart them. It isnt even that hard.

    first off, make sure that it wont be easily found. The farther off the beaten track, the better. Hell, my grow site is almost a mile from the nearest trail, and that trail is all mud in the summer (its a winter snomobile track). You might even say its freken impossible to reach it, but I somehow manage to do it.

    Second, make sure you dont take the same way to your site every time or else a trail WILL FORM! People follow trails that are unmapped every day, and if it leads to your site, well, enough said.

    Third, Dont tell a single soul!!! This should actualy be rule number one..this is the big golden one. Not a single soul can know, I dont care how 'close' they are. cops can and do blackmail people all the time, and 9 times out of ten the guy spills his guts, doesnt matter about who. A friend of mine awhile ago got caught for DUI and they said he would get 10 years in a max security prison...he ratted on me, thankfully they didnt have enough evidence to hold me. Not to mention I told them it wouldnt hold up in court because they didnt have a warrent. It does happen, so dont tell anyone!

    Fourth, dont just grow in the open, have some vegitation (taller the better) to cover it. The problem with growing marijuana outdoors is that that soil stands out like a highliter from the ground and the air. You know without having to look twice that it is growing there on purpose just by looking at the rotated soil. I like to take grass from when I cut the lawn and sprinkele it all over the soil. It dies and gives the soil nutrients, but it also helps do a good job of hiding it from the sky.

    Fifth, The fewer trips to the site the better. I only go every 2 weeks unless I have other reason to go (weather, frost, etc.). Between this and taking a reletivley diffrent rout every time there is almost no seign that I was even out there.

    Sixth, make sure no one sees you going out to your site. Dont go wondering off into the bush with a tiller and a bucket of water. Dont go wearing supe stealth gear, or some crap like that. Imagine that you were just going for an off road hike, wear what you would wear then. The absolute best (if you have one..) is to take your dog out there and if you get caught just say your walking your dog. Keep everything you'll need out of site, etc. etc. etc.

    95% of the time that someone finds a grow site and rips it, they were there before and plan out how they will take it. Some things that you can do to see if anyone else aside from you has been there...

    You can make a 'moat' around the entrence of the site, or all around it. Make it atleast a food wide and doesnt have to be more then a quarter inch deep. Fill it wil loose dirt and water it so that it is all mud. I have a very close water supply ( a creek) so I can have all the water in the world at my dispose. Then cover the whole moat good with grass, but dont overude it that it looks fake. Best is if the ground is already covered in grass (see 4) then it just looks blended in. Basicaly, make sure you dont step in it and the point is to see if someone else has stepped in it, and you have there foot print to. This generaly takes some time and has little effect but it is better then nothing.

    You can use the same deturant for deer at the site. Take fishing line and go around your site with it 2 or 3 times so that it makes a string fence thing. It helps to keep deer out and one of two things can happen. Someone can come into it and break it, or it would just piss them off alot, hehe. Of course, it could be broken by an animal or just by constant tension if it is on faily tight. Once again, this is not a terribly good method to use.

    I guess the only sure way to do it is to watch your site 24/7 for the whole 3 months, but as we all know unless your are growing a commercial crop and can afford to pay someone to do that, it is impossible. In the end you have to just let bigons be bigons and except fate. You can have good years and bad ones, and that is something about outdoor growing that everyone has to accept before they even start to think of growing outdoor. The absolute best thing is to just grow in diffrent areas. Atleast if they find one of even two sites you may still have something to show for it. I have 11 diffrent sites with anwhere from 11-57 plants in each one, and I expect some of them to go. Do date I have never had a single plant taken from my current location. Its a bitch to get to it, especialy with a backpack full of heavy gardening equip. but its worth it. before I had sites found left and right and had little to show for my hard work. Find a very secluded, very private, very hard to get place with absolutely no seign that people have been there (footprints, garbage, etc.) and that is a good bet. I am thankful to live in a small rural community where the law enforcment dont have access to aircrafts so I dont have to worry about the pigs flying by, but that is something too.

    I hope that I have helped you out atleast some, and may your growing season be a good one.

    Now I have to soak my wrist in water :)
  4. Thanks alot I know it will help this summer, the creek idea had never occured to me (I dont know why) lucky there's one by my house :) I dont have to worry about "when pigs fly" either so I'm just hoping some punk kids dont find any sites this year or I'll take a male plant and put it up thier ass! :D
  5. Third, Dont tell a single soul!!! This should actualy be rule number one..this is the big golden one.

    Slothbear hit it right on the head. That is the most important way to save your crop. I also recommend a small electric fence around the crop or better yet, use the razor wire for better luck. Once they get their theiven hands cut up they will more than likely leave it alone. ;)
  6. ;) short answer =hydroponics

    ;) ;)
  7. Here's my sugestion get some dogs i have seen people try to steal them but no one would dare to come inside the fence with one rottiwelier 2 german shephards thats how i did it but now i have moved on to indoor growing. Good luck great harvest!
  8. What I do when going to my plantation is being my dog with me, and if I get caught I just say I am walking my dog. Perfect aliby but is also the best theft detection system available. He knows if a plane or person is approaching way way WAY before I can see or hear it, it gives me enough time to run, hide, whatever way before the person/plane, etc. comes.

    The only 100% way to protect against thieves is just to grow indoors, but alot of people like me still love to grow outdoors, even though I have an indoor garden as well.
  9. I usualy waste a few silver dollars and place them at places that I would expect someone to see them, if they are gone I'm gone.And yes I do wipe the prints off.
    Keep on tokin.
  10. i read somewhere that bamboo makes good camouflage. there is some growing behind my back fence, and i must say there is a resemblance.

    the bamboo is around ten to twelve feet high
    has broad type leafs.
    grows straight up and although they are not large plants individually, they grow in large clusters often near water or bogy ground.

    wish i knew that when i lived outside the city on that nice piece of property that has prime conditions for growing outdoors.

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