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Knocked out my cousin on christmas.

Discussion in 'General' started by CAPSLOCK BANDIT, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. So...My cousin is like 15 or 16 now, not really sure, but he's a big boy. He's my size, little less athletic but not by much and i'm 21.

    Anyways, ive taken Muay Thai and Boxing and stuff for a long time and he's just getting into boxing right now and he had taken wrestling before so anyways he walks over to me right before hes about to go with his family, and starts rough housing.

    Now normally he just kind of goofs off but suddenly he grab's the back of my shirt, knee's me in the solar plex area and then throws a jab that hit's me in the throat as i come to stand up and just as the throw's his right i grabbed his arm and gave him a spinning back elbow to the chin.

    He was out cold. His mom was about 6 feet away, and she ain't the type to reason shit out, she had been drinking, her son is everything to her and she just flipped shit and tried to attack me. Their family is a little poor and hard pressed, his dad passed a couple year's ago, but yeah.

    Anyways, yeah, she's a big girl, my height, probably just over 250, she was swinging i had to run to the garage to get away from her while her boyfriend and my family stopped her.

    She left screaming and shit, then my cousin woke up, started crying and of course she see's her son crying and then really starts flippin' shit.

    Like fuckin' unbelivable man, i know the kid's only 15 but still, if your going to be that aggressive with somebody like what do you expect?

    Anyways my family ain't that pissed, but still, waiting for a call from my auntie so she can tell me what she thinks of me in a more sober and calm state.

    I don't even really care that much, which is the sad part, i'm just pissed that it ruined her christmas and maybe everyone else's


    I don't think she can/would press charges but yeah.
  2. dont even trip mayne. bitch ass niggga had it comin. if you aunt doesnt call back and says something reasonable then fuck her. yeah hes her son n shit but you dont fuckin play around like that cause then something like this happens.
  3. He hit you in the throat. You are completely justified using (only reasonable) force to disable him if you believe the attack was going to continue.

    It doesn't matter if he's family, or if it's christmas, a serious threat is a serious threat any time of the year.
  4. :laughing: Why would he attack you for no reason?
  5. haha what the fuck why did he just randomly attack you?

    If I were you id have just back handed him really fucking hard at wrist control but that's just me...

    funny shit though man I wouldn't trip on it
  6. I know thats what i was thinking too. She said that i needed to control myself i'm like...Ya ok, because im the one randomly attacking people.

    And i dont know why he did it, he had no clue what happened, i'm sure he was just rough housing and just got a little carried away, but atleast it won't happen again.

    God and she left me a pound of pepperoni too i feel like such an asshole now rofl.
  7. Wow, what a story.

  8. maybe she realized her kid needed the knockout before he does something stupid like that to someone who wont just stop at the knockout, and REALLY get his ass kicked...
    he learned a valuable lesson I'm sure.
  9. Ah yes, the ol' playful knee to the solar plexus/punch to the throat routine. That's how I greet all my family members at Christmas.

    Unless I decide to go with the trusty backhand slap to the face. Grandpa loves that one.
  10. that's wild man,hahah,at least he didn't shot his eye out :laughing: ..get it?'s Christmas..shot your eye's from a Christmas story?...know what? forget you,FORGET ALL OF YOU!!:mad: :laughing::p
  11. No need for a knock out... you should've just gotten him in a vice. He's five years your junior.
  12. Professional combat classifications are based on weight, not age, for a reason.

    The op all ready established that the kid was the same size as him.
  13. I wasn't really considering his safety, i was more concerned with mine. Even though he's only 15 he's still a big dude. Im just under 6 foot for fuck sakes.
  14. i'll be the first to suggest.. this needs to be translated into a comedy movie scene
  15. Lol, yah probably.
  16. Sounds to me like your cousin is a douche and had it coming, why the fuck would you just attack someone like that? You were in the right man and he'll know better than to try anything like that again (hopefully).
  17. It sounded like you used just the right amount of force. It wasn't anything excessive or malicious, you were just defending yourself.

    People need to learn their boundaries man. Sounds like you were totally justified.
  18. did you go street fighter and yell out "haaadouken"?
  19. I hate to say it but it was a fucking vicious elbow, lol. He had no idea it was coming and i knew it, but at the same time, like everyone else said, he engaged me first so hopefully he learned something from the whole experience...

    Although it'll be interesting to hear what he has to say next time i see him.
  20. Sometimes we can't control what we do in the heat of the moment.

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