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knifing wat ever its called wat is it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. 1st u get ur bud ready. just make decent sized hits. Then u heat up some butter knives (or any knives) with a torch or on a stove. when the knives are hot, u touch one of them to ur hit and it will stick, then u press the other knife on that hit and nice thick smoke will result from it. U will need a hooter of some sort, i usually use the top of a 2L pop bottle cut off. just put the top opening to ur mouth, and press the hit under it so the smoke can gather in the bottle and u dont lose it.
  2. oh dude, i totally forgot about hot knives ... havn't had one for at least a year and a half. well, next time i get some weed i know what i'm doing. :D
  3. digiiiiiiiiiiit
  4. Hmmm and why would you voluntarily do this? I think I'd smoke a can before I'd try that...

  5. i do this occasionally because it really conserves bud when im low, and it gets me pretty ripped. The smoke is nice and thick, u can compare it to grav bong smoke

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