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Knife Hits !! and my highdea !!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RubberUndies, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Ok so if you actually do/understand knife hits you know they fuck you up... My question is, people always say its for hash only... Fuck i use flattened bud pieces of Dank with keif sprinkled on top..... Gets me fucked so what's the problem haha....

    As for my idea..... Being there is no flame it works like a vape.... Now there is people who use a heat gun and a bong with a big bowl so they can vape the weed and still take the whole hit in a bong....... So i have a huge ass torch and glass rods for bead blowing....... Why not just heat the glass rod and stick it in a bowl of dank and take the bong hit...fucking doing this today haha. Ill report back tonight.
  2. Yeah pretty sure people already do that
  3. [quote name='"TankCostanza"']Yeah pretty sure people already do that[/quote]

    Well if it works as well as it should then why isn't it talked about like ever lol? I mean more power to whoever else came up with it first... Im just curious if it works as well as it should haha.
  4. Can i just put knifes on the stove then heat them up?
  5. [quote name='"jointhappy"']Can i just put knifes on the stove then heat them up?[/quote]

    Yea...btw guys a hot glass pipe used to vape a bong hit fuckksss you up.
  6. Take that glass rod man, heat that sucker up red hot with your torch, press it to your bud and rotate it. The bud will start to ignite at a nice and low temperature and the hit tastes great.

    They also make soldering irons with a ceramic tip which are ideal for this use. They stay hot so you don't have to keep torching the rod.
  7. Hakko google it.
  8. so are you fuuuuuucked up? Chill man no need to drop the f bomb every sentence,

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