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  1. So i was precribed to klonopin, and my refills ran out, and i dont have a doctor anymore. I still have about a weeks left, but shit just knowing im going to run out is giving me panic attacks - i dont know what to do, i got addicted to this shit quick, and now i can't get it anymore - im afraid that when i run out within the week that im gonna go through some kind of hell week or have really bad withdrawals... and with all my connects, i still dont know anyone who sells benzos. i had a site to get em from before but theyre down now. i want to start weening off of it because if i cant get it, then i might as well, even though it works wonders for my insanely awful anxiety, which causes my intense IBS symptoms to kick in... any advice on either 1) getting more klonopin or 2) safely getting off of it without feeling like shit, since im in school and cant be missing class from panic attacks and IBS symptoms
  2. what has been your daily dose?

    ive been taking .5-1mg a day for a while (ive had an Rx for 5 years but only started a daily dose about a year ago) and 2 weeks ago i decided to see what would happen if i skipped a day and i felt a little "down" for a day but then that was it... i do plan on starting tomorrow, but im gonna try taking just .25mg tomorrow. i <3 my klon and always will, and im more at ease knowing i can start and stop whenever with minimal side effects
  3. 1 day? That feeling "Down" turns into a spiral of hell by day 3
  4. its been 2 weeks since i took ANY.... the reason i did it was to see what would happen.... and na, i didnt feel ANYTHING at day 2, 3, 4, 5,.......,12,13,14
  5. anyone else got advice?/bump

    i didnt take any yesterday, and havent taken one today - and im also in the process of weening off my prozac for anxiety..... i feel like my chest is gonna explode lol... its not unbearable, but i just feel ridiculously stressed/pressured, and kinda just wanna stay at home and do nothing all day... this sucks, but im trying really hard to wait till tomorrow to take one of my few remaining kpins
  6. Whenever it comes to a prescription that is (or was) legitimate, honesty is the best policy. Find a doctor and explain the situation. Tell him you're going through withdrawals from a prescription that has since run out and would like to set up a plan to start weaning yourself off. They will help you.

    I don't know why this isn't the very first solution that you considered...
  7. be safe bro. if you ever need help weening off, you know that the city has your back and will help you in any way possible.

    if you need to take your mind off it or anything, feel free to shoot me a PM at any time!

    good luck man.
  8. Idk if you can afford it but just find another doctor and tell them that at thevery least you need help weening off of it. They will be smart enough to know that stopping that kind of medicine abruptly can have serious side effects, and you will more than likely leave with a prescription. You will probably have to contiunally see the doctor to get checkups and see how you are doing however.
  9. Find a doctor and wean yourself off. I'm sending you a pm about this....
  10. i kinda went in the same direction, but it was xanax.& adderall . Dose kept getting higher and higher, before i knew it i was given script for xanax take as needed with dose of up to 8 pills daily ( adderall being at 90mg) <<< shrink kept fueling the beast. I finally told myself enough. So i counted out the X s and days. took the smallest amount, then the 2nd nite i didnt take any and took a benydral << goofy, but i slept, and i didnt take any of the Xs. from that day on i took Benadryl for about 3 or 4 days to sleep and the that feeling of needing the xanax was over. i stayed in and slept alot. For me going to another Dr would only mean getting another script( its a game i play in my head) << cant explain but not having a Dr to run to , I HAD TO GET over them. Good luck, remember you have to do what works best for you , given all the advice. :eek:) <<< oh that went on for about 2 -3 years.
  11. ^^ thanks for the PM

    and basically, there is a reason i'm not seeing a doctor, which i'll explain:

    For the past half yearish (since summer) i've been seeing a doctor about my anxiety. I went on prozac and lamictal (prozac for anxiety, then later lamictal for possible bi-polar) I noticed they weren't helping much, even after many months, but my doctor didn't seem to listen. She RX'd me to 30x.5mg of klonopin a month in combination - and soon enough that bottle would last me about a week. I found a place to order meds online, which has since closed, and thats when i really got dependent on them - as i was ordering 2mg kpins and valiums.

    part two:
    3 weeks ago i decide i want to ween off my prozac and lamictal. I know my doctor won't let me do this, i already tried to tell her this last appointment, and my voice was simply not heard. So i talked to my parents about it - and my father is a pharmacist. So my dad basically took over and told me how to ween off the prozac and lamictal. I have no refills on the klonopins, but my dad says he can probably help me out - but ill only get small amounts from him, amd he'll be monitoring how much i take - they dont know ive been taking way more then i was prescribed to. My parents want me to go to a therapist now instead, since they can't prescribe, but they can talk me through my anxiety problems. It just sucks cause my anxiety leads to physical symtoms, which is essentially my IBS. When i get stressed, i either have a panic attack, or get so sick to my stomach that i can't even move - thats when the klonopins worked wonders. Without them, i can't get through those days, and my grades are suffering from missing classes. It seems like weening off the prozac, while not having much klonopin is really catalyzing the symptoms too. Im going to see if my dad can get me some klonopins this week, which will at least help me ween off... but i still feel like even if i were to ween off of them, id still need em for those awful days...

    im going to book an appointment with a therapist first, and basically explain to them what i just wrote here, and see what they think
  12. In all honesty if you see a phycologist they are going to refer you to a phychiatrist because the phycologist cant prescribe you anything. But they will talk to each other and at least the phyciatrist will know what your dealing with before you come in if you go that route. I wouldnt depend too much on your dad because he can probably get in some trouble for that. My dads a doctor and i also am prescribed to 3 mg a day of klonopin and my dad always refused to write me a prescription himself. Your father might have the ability to just take the medicine which might be easier. Idk though, gl man, you'll get through this

  13. basically, my dad isn't allowed to take anything, but hes been a pharmacist for like 30 years now, and hes always been able to bring home certain medication for me without seeing a doctor. When i get a cold, i always get a codeine/prometh bottle, he brings my antibiotics when i get sick, or go to the dentist (heart-murmer), and when i told him i dont want to go to the doctor, but feel like i still need the klonopins, he told me he can occasionally get me small amounts. I think it just depends on how controlled the substance is, which ones have heavy inventory control, and his ability to maniuplate the computers... im not quite sure how he does it, but he can. He couldnt bring me home vicodins or oxys even if i needed em, but theres certain things he can get me, and i know he still pays for em and writes em under my name, cuz the bottles come labelled. who knows. my dad plays everything pretty straight so im sure its alright. He was offered lifetime free meals at a really good restaurant once if he gave the owner a bottle of vics, and he refused... he's pretty "by the book" but i guess theres certain rules he knows how to bend to help his son out. he can probably only get me 30x.5 a month-every 6 weeksish - whether hes saying that for my safety, or for his job, im not sure.

  14. You need to find a doctor that will listen to you. If you have too, tell them that they can dispense the medicine daily.

    Read over the Ashton Manual that is on the website I sent you, and make a copy for your doctor. Switching to Valium seems to be the most successful way, because the long half-life means it stays in your system much longer, making weaning easier. This is not common medical knowledge, so it sometimes needs to be pointed to them. Many doctors won't even acknowledge how addictive they really are. Good luck.
  15. If you are only on a .5-1mg dose, just stop taking it, period. With that small of a dose, you really don't need it, and with how you're freaking out over running out you sound like you're starting to depend on them.

    You should really try and work through your anxiety without a crutch, it helps you actually get over it and you will start calming down naturally. I tried it and it really, really made a difference in my life. I was on klonopin for a while like you.
  16. i was prescribed to .5, but taking a lot more, combined with valium - i was drinking on em too every weekend, dont know how much that affects withdrawals or anything like that. i was also combining drugs a lot over the past month or so - a lot of tramadols, somas, and occasional vicodins
  17. You're going to have some bad rebound anxiety. All I can tell you is chill on everything for a few weeks so your body can get back to normal, and find 5-7 valium 10's and take a half a day so you aren't quitting cold turkey.

    It's really going to suck, but just going to the doctor for more is going to help you keep that cycle up man. All you can really do is smoke a lot of weed to help you ride out the detox period, and it is going to suck. If you really, really need to take something for your withdrawals, just keep it to a minimum.

    I'm not trying to push quitting on you, but you really need to look at your habits man.
  18. im fully intending to get off it once i have everything in order. I've just been smoking mostly, i took a .5mg today, and smoked a blunt and it helped tremendously - compared to taking so much that i forget how many blunts i smoked

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