kiwi in qld

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by nikolai, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. hi there :wave:long time smoker 2nd time grower.

    whats the best time of day to harvest an outdoor plant for maximum potency:smoke:
  2. when u saykiwi in qld, do u mean qld aus? and if so where in qld? i was born in central qld and grew up there and yeah it wud be the place to grow outdoors. What was the harvest like the first time cos when i go back to aus i deffo wanna start growing.
  3. heyyyy man. whats up

  4. me? nt alot man jus chilling in the Uk atm lol but its pretty sick. What is the weed like down there in sydney? what about pills and mdma and ket and shit like that? cant wait to try the drugs back in aus when i get back rofl.
  5. welcome to the city

  6. Yeah bro im in brissy, last time i was in sydney i just had a couple hidden in the garden, didn't pay them much attention got about an ounce off each, i'm doing the same again this time but i'm watering these ones ha. got a good bush going on :hello:
  7. Sweeet. How did you get the seeds? And do they grow easily or do you have to keep an eye on them? Whats it like getting other mainstream drugs? what are the prices of like e's and coke and stuff? Not that im into coke was just wondering.
  8. i was lucky enough to find a couple while i was rolling a joint of some shit i got off my brother in law, i was actually trying to grow some but enede up 3/3 females. not really in the know about about the other stuff a mate got me a couple of e's a couple of times for 25-30 bucks, the other shits out there but i don't get out much:smoke:

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