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Discussion in 'General' started by Tical00, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hey blades,
    so, today I'm in my garage smoking a bowl, I hear some rummaging coming from the attic and hear a kitten meow, I look up and theres the momma cat with the baby in its mouth. Anyways, the momma looks away, chills for a little, than drops the kitten 6 feet! It bounced, literally bounced, off the old washing machine and fell behind it. The momma jumps down, I pet her (she's been living here for a lil while, I feed her occasionally, I've posted pics of her before with her last kitten, but shes not our cat). Anywho, the momma can't get behind the washing machine so I move it out so that the momma can get to it than peace out of there.
    I go back a few hours later and the things still there!
    What do you think I should do? Should I adopt the kitten myself? Or hope that the momma will come back for it?

    get lifted,
  2. if mama didn't have anything to do with it after it dropped then it prolly won't come back. i'd adopt it and take it to the vet to see if it's hurt at all.
  3. Damn dude, I would of straight away got that kitten out. You like kittens right?

    See if its okay. 6 feet is alot for dropping for a kitten.
  4. If I were in a position to, I would definatly adopt the cat.... Even if I couldnt adopt it I would still roll my ass to the vet with it though.
  5. Yeah I love kittens haha, I've been around them all my life. I'm gonna take this one in I think. Actually, I'm positive.
    Now another question, I have two cats that are sisters and two years of age, should I introduce them to the baby right away, or nurture it for a lil? I'm just afraid that they'll beat it up.
  6. they may rough it up. i would wait a til it is a little bigger to introduce it to the others
  7. roughly how old is the baby?? id nurse it soem till its a few weeks old then intro it to the other girls and watch them CAREFULLY...only let them around the baby for short times while you watch. and yeah..take the lil one t the vet to make sure it doesnt have any internal injuries from that nasty fall

    good luck dude!:D
  8. I would make sure the little dude is healthy and large enough to take a hit incase you arent quick enough to stop it before I introduced em.
  9. Here's a picture of my girlfriend holding them:


    That's right, theres TWO of them now! The momma came around when we were getting them out, so we left them in the garage with her, maybe she'll take them back? Hopefully, but than again, two more kittens would be great!

    I'll keep ya'll posted.

    Get lifted,
  10. they look extremely tasty,,,,,,

    ..[​IMG] :cool:
  11. cute kittens! Yea if you keep em, deffinitely don't introduce em to the others right away. My cat beat the shit out of my baby (kitten) when we first brought him home.

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