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Kitchen Nightmares!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cyric99, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. #1 Cyric99, Feb 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2009
    My girlfriend bought an ounce of good looking mids tonight and we decided to make a batch of brownies with a half of it.

    While we were grinding up the weed, we smoked a bowl as we went. Note that part, haha.

    Everything was going good, got the weed heated up in oil... and then we go to strain it.

    As I said we were pretty high at this point and we picked a plastic bowl to strain the piping hot oil in, lol. On top of that, we were doing it on top of the oven which was pre-heating.

    I goto the computer to play a game and I hear my girlfriend yelling for me to get over there. Apparently the plastic bowl started to expand from the hot oil and it made a hole in the bottom. All of the oil leaked out and onto the stove... :mad:

    We were so high and frustrated that I yelled out to get a clean sponge, haha. Luckily my girlfriend noticed that it had soap in it so I tried for a paper towel. Soaked up a good bit... then realized oil isn't water and will not ring out!

    The rest of the oil we used a turkey baster to soak up. And as for the paper towels, I added a small bit of water and tried to ring it out.

    Overall we lost a lot of oil but we decided to bake them anyway, and they are doing that now. I'll report in tomorrow and let you guys know how strong they came out...

    Shit. Sucks. :eek:

    What would you guys do in this moment of crisis?
  2. omg that is so fucking epic lol. Sorry for your loss man Thats awful. My worst experiance in the kitchen was making cannabutter and putting it on toast. Well we did that and layed it on the counter fixed up another blunt (we were totally smashed like completely blitzed) well we went back and my dog ate all the pieces of toast Cant really remember much after that haha
  3. yeah dude i was trynna make some green dragon one time so i jus put my weed in a measuring cup and the 90% lemon alcohol and put the pyrex measuring cup on the stove...

    BAM!!!!!!!!! fuckin pyrex glass, alcohol, and weed EVERYWHERE, and parents were on the way home

    haha good times.
  4. I would be licking the oil off of the counter if I were you!

    How did they turn out anyway?
  5. Haha, yeah rotten. I've been watching that show for the past few weeks and that shit is hilarious!

    But me and my girl ate 1 each today and we went to a bar for poker and we had a few shots..

    Well I was fucked up, but I made it home, and my girlfriend passed out, which is what she is doing now.

    So the brownies were a success in my book.
  6. thats all i could think of when i seen the title...good stuff at saving some of it

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