Kissed a Girl video

Discussion in 'General' started by SEOH, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I generaly dont click forums links. Can you be more descriptive of what the vid is? That way, I can determione if its worth my time or not.
  2. Hum.. well.. not sure if it's "worth your time" it's just a music video I came across that I liked the song and the lead singer "Katy Perry" sings about another girl. The song got into my head and figured I'd share it.. not to mention that, at least for me, it turned me on a little. YMMV :)
  3. Thanks for the honesty.

    Um.... TMI?
  4. I meant it humorously but take it as you will lol.

  5. K

    I thought you were being a pervo. Its hard to interpret someone's mood and/or attitude in a post.
  6. How is it a rip-off, because they both kissed a girl? No other similarities at all.

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