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  1. First Game first. Saints (0-1) vs. Colts (1-0).

    Peyton and the Colts quickly defended their title of defending Superbowl champions and made the Saints offense look non-existant. If the Colts can get the consistent great play from the defense they should repeat. Bob Sanders is key for that defense in the secondary.

    Denver (1-0) vs. Buffalo (0-1).

    A somewhat impressive start for Marshawn Lynch as he sees his first regular season carries of his rookie career. Cutler passed for over 300 yards and made some really key plays. I think, despite the score, Denver is a contender in the AFC and look for them to trash Oakland in week 2.

    Pittsburgh (1-0) vs. Cleveland (0-1).

    Pittsburgh and Tomlin looked to have everything clicking on both sides of the ball, and Cleveland looked to have NOTHING clicking on either side of the ball. I think the Browns have a miserable season in a stacked AFC North and Pittsburgh contends with Cincinnatti for the division title.

    Greenbay (1-0) vs. Philadelphia (0-1).

    Greenbay wins, and looked very good on defense, esp in the secondary and their ability to play man to man and run the cover 2 and still be able to stop the running game. Phillys defense also looked up to midseason form, these are 2 teams who should be able to make noise in their respective divisions. Greenbay will have more loses simply because they play both Chicago and Minnesota twice.

    Carolina (1-0) vs. St. Louis (0-1).

    Both very good offenses IMO, I think Delhomme is due for the season he had 2 years ago and will post very solid numbers again. I think Carolina has one of the most underrated defenses in the league. I think Carolina makes the playoffs in the NFC and St.Louis gets close but falls short in a highly competitive AFC.

    Atlanta (0-1) vs. Minnesota (1-0)

    What is there not to love about Minnesota, they play fast and they hit hard on defense. One of the overlooked teams in the NFC and should be able to make some noise in an otherwise weak division excluding the Bears. Atlanta, this is just the beginning of a bad season.

    New England (1-0) vs. New York Jets (0-1)

    Tom Brady and that New England offense are just unstoppable. Now you add Randy Moss and Dante Stallworth. Lethal. Pats will contend with the Colts in the AFC champtionship game. Jets, still a very good team and I think they will improve each week.

    Miami (0-1) vs. Washington (1-0).

    Who cares? 2 teams that wont matter come December. Neither team has a solid QB, and as we know, QB is the most important position in football, without one, you dont have anything. Better luck next year.

    Tennnessee (1-0) vs. Jacksonville (0-1)

    Jacksonville played much below their potential in week 1 and expect much better as they play Atlanta in week 2, look for Gerrard to get comfortable. Tennessee gets a very important win not only for them, but also for Vince Young.. Still dont see them doing much, but nonetheless it gives them a win.

    Kansas City (0-1) vs. Houston (1-0)

    Wow. Houston. I didnt think they had that kind of proformance in them.. Schaub played decent at QB. But the highlight IMO is that Houston defense that scored a touchdown and held the KC offense to only 3 points.

    Detriot (1-0) vs. Oakland (0-1)

    Good News for Oakland. JaMarcus Russel will supposedly be in camp on Wednesday as the sides agree to a 6 year deal. McCown is not the answer, however LaMont Jordan did look solid in his debut. Detriot showed you what they are going to do all season and that is spread the ball around and make you cover the WR's. Look for Kitna to have another huge season and walk away with atleast 6 wins!

    Chicago (0-1) vs. San Deigo (1-0)

    Slow start for LT, but he'll get the ball rolling. San Deigo escapes with an important win. Chicago's defense looked great, however Rex Grossman looked terrible. The defense will keep them in games, but can grossman keep them in games? both peterson and benson fumbled in this game showing that getting rid of Thomas Jones was a huge mistake.

    Tampa Bay (0-1) vs. Seattle (1-0)

    Seattle looked like the NFC contender that we all know they are.. Shaun Alexander appeared healthy, Hasselbeck looked good. They should have a somewhat easy time in a rebuilding NFC West. Tampa Bay is garbage.

    Dallas (1-0) vs. New York Giants (0-1)

    Dallas showed that even without Terry Glenn and missing players on both sides of the line, that they can dominate on offense and move the ball. Terrell Owens looked great, as did the other weapons at WR with Sam Hurd and Patrick Crayton. The Cowboys have some questions on defense esp after the loss of Ferguson for the season leaving the Cowboys without a nose guard. Giants are ready for a bad season as they lose Eli for a month.

    Baltimore (0-1) vs. Cinny (1-0)

    Cincy's offense looked stale as they moved the ball very poorly on the ground, although they were playing one of the top 2 defenses in the league. Cincy escapes with a key victory. McNair had to leave the game early bring Kyle Boller into the game. Perhaps you guys should have signed Leftwich. Baltimore is still a contender in the AFC North.

    Arizona (0-1) vs. San Francisco (1-0)

    Battle of the rebuilding teams. I thought SF would win this game, but in the end, the running game of Arizona won this one. I dont see either team being a threat this season, but perhaps next year as both young QB's will have another year of experience and hopefully more help from their offensive lines.

  2. Um, you need to check again man. The 49ers won last night! :hello:
  3. The National Football League took a tape and video camera from a Patriots employee on the sideline during Sunday's game at the Meadowlands, and it is investigating whether the Patriots broke league rules prohibiting taping an opponent's signals on the sideline.
    The New England employee, who was not in the pool of designated camera operators permitted on the sideline to shoot footage of the game for use by local stations and Web sites, is suspected of shooting video of Jets coaches' signals to players.
    The camera and tape were sent to the N.F.L.'s office in New York for investigation. Neither team would comment yesterday.
    No video recording devices of any kind are permitted in the coaches' booth during the game, on the field or in the locker room. If the N.F.L. determines that the Patriots broke the rule, they could be fined or lose draft picks.
    The video that photographers shoot on the sidelines for use on Web sites and scoreboards is not the same as the game film that is used by coaches to prepare for opponents.
    A similar incident happened when the Patriots played in Green Bay last year, according to the Packers' director of public relations, Jeff Blumb. A member of the Packers' security team spotted a person on the field carrying a video camera who was wearing an official Patriots credential - those are usually given to members of a team's staff - but not wearing the colored vests given to photographers.
    The Packers asked the Patriots employee to put away his camera. After some initial resistance, he complied, Blumb said. The employee stayed on the field, taking still pictures, Blumb said.
    “As to what he was doing, I couldn't say,” Blumb said.
    Blumb said the Packers did not seize his videotape, and nothing came of the incident. The Packers and the Patriots rarely play each other and there would be little competitive advantage to be gained if the Patriots stole the Packers' signals.
    The Jets are not likely to let a similar matter go as quickly, though, because the teams are fierce division rivals, and the relationship between Jets Coach Eric Mangini and Patriots Coach Bill Belichick has grown frostier since Mangini became the Jets' coach last year.
  4. Beside the fumble Grossman committed (recovered by the Bears,) I wouldn't say Rex "looked terrible," that's an overstatement. Rex does what he's asked to do by the Chicago Bears football team, whom by nature are not a passing offense. Their play book is designed around running the ball, and running it hard... Rex isn't supposed to be spectacular.

    I'll add that I thought two of the league's greatest defenses were playing on Sunday during this game. How about the Bears shutting LT the fuck down!?!

    Mike Brown Brown and Davorcek are out for the season, to any Chicago fans who aren't aware.
  5. The Pats are badass
  6. Patriots dont cheat... there the sickest team in the whole nfl
  7. 2nd sickest team in the nfl. GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!
    wait 3rd colts are better than the pats and the colts couldn't beat the Boys.

  8. Yes, the Colts are the current legends of the NFL, the ones that will go down all-time, the one team our children's children will hear about when they watch football.
  9. they cheated!!! lol at them cheating to beat the jets tho, seems really unnecesarry

  10. Miami doesn't have a QB??? You don't consider Trent Green a solid QB? Green is a veteran who at one point led the league in both scoring and rushing. He also had three consecutive seasons throwing over 4,000 yards. Only a handful of quarterbacks have done the same in NFL history. You gotta be kidding.

    The Patriots did cheat and they're a joke. Not only did they trade a bullshit fourth-round pick for Randy Moss! but they also have to cheat to beat the Jets! the same guy 2 yrs in a row? it's obvious...and if it's proven they're going to lose draft picks, and there's no doubt they deserve to.
  11. The pats did not cheat, people just be hatin on them cause they fuckin own and you dont wanna admit to it.

    Bill Belichick and the Pats are one of the most respected teams in the NFL, they would not do that.
  12. That's a load of crap, respected people do dirty shit all the time.

  13. Whaaaaaa???? legends????? talk to me when they have 3 rings in 4 years!
    make that 4 in 6 years...aint nothin stoppin our O this year

    go pats baby

  14. Im glad someone corrected me on that 9er's came

    Trent Green hasnt been the same QB since he took that hit during the Bengals game. Hints why he came back and then played worse than Damon Huard. Thats probably why they let Green go soo easily.

    and Yes the pats did cheat, thats not even an agrument, they have been caught redhanded twice. Being escorted from the sideline with a videocamera and the tape showing focus on the defensive play calls. Pats are a classless organization. LT said it last year after they loss to the Pats.
  15. I love how people think Rex Grossman sucks so bad because of what they hear on TV. did you watch the fuckin game at all? THEY COULDNT RUN. the bears offense as pathetic as its always been is based on running the football. and most of the time they do a pretty damn good job but costly turnovers from benson AND peterson fucked them over. Rex didnt play bad he did his job for the most part converted a very tough 3rd n 15. Chicago will rebound next week in the home opener. The chargers have an amazing defense and they completely shut us down that week. gotta make some adjustments but the bears will be ok...

    and its time to let Mike Brown go...weak mothafucker
  16. oh and FUCK the patriots...thats just pathetic of them. YEAH they had the jets number right? well i guess you can say that if you mean they had the complete defensive scheme of the watching the highlights explains everything..the jets couldnt even get close to Brady all day, wonder why....

    pats have a shitty season i bet thats bad karma for "america's team"
  17. Go cowboys!!

    With the easy scedule that the Cowboys have this season, along with a solid offense, and a defense that could easily be one of the better Defenseive teams with a little more work.. the Cowboys have a HUGE chance of making it to the Super Bowl

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