King Stemline

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  2. Fuckin awesome man! Can't wait for milks!
  3. haha i'm just as excited to hit the thing!
  4. hows the hit dude? super smooth?
  5. like breathing in warm air. best tube i've hit to this date
  6. Looks like dan has gotten a lot better since I got a all my rigs from him, much nicer bore reductions and just clean overall. I like it. only thing I could knock about it is that the joint is a tiny bit not straight. (from what it looks like in the pic)
  7. so lucky man. so how do you go about getting one of these?


  9. if im not mistaken this one was a "second" and sold at a fairly big discount because of the joint

  10. exactly right, which is why i bought it. but in real life it's pretty hard to tell that it isn't straight and it doesn't affect functionality in any way at all. i couldn't be happier with it
  11. that's one nice second, I envy you.
  12. thanks man! i guess i should thank all of GC as well because if it weren't for their advice, i would have gotten something of lesser quality for much more money.
  13. did it come with the lighter?
  14. yeah man! it was a nice surprise
  15. wow thats a nice piece!

    congrats man!!
  16. thanks bro!
  17. i know this, but everytime ive been on his site theres a very limited selection of glass.
  18. he had like 7 different tubes up there when i ordered mine. i guess people bought them. keep checking because he restocks every now and then.
  19. you should search his facebook page he takes offers on pieces he posts up via private message. He just put up like 5 glorious tubes today for a steal @ 220$~.

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