King of the Hill

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  1. Haha I just watch a few episodes of it baked and I couldnt stop laughing. Anyone else think this shows funny faded?
  2. Hahah, I think that episode where the dad hits a joint that he thinks was a handrolled cig and freaks out when he gets high is funny shit.
  3. hahaha this is so funny you put this up here cuz just last night after about three bowls i watched it and i seriously laughed my ass off. hahaha i dont know why but i thought it was so funny.
  4. [quote name='NEbud420']Hahah, I think that episode where the dad hits a joint that he thinks was a handrolled cig and freaks out when he gets high is funny shit.[/q

    That sounds fucking funny as hell. I mostly laugh at the dad and his friends. His voice is hysterical when he fights with his wife.
  5. haha yeah dude also i think i can understand boomhowers (Sp?) voice alot better blazed
  6. King of the Hill is probably one of my top three favorite cartoons. I've got the DVDs and everything.

    I love Cotton Hill. "Only a man with a narrow ureetie would call that a Christmas tree!"
  7. I'm like the only person out of my friends who likes king of the hill. I think its really funny...I can't really say why but it's hilarious ahha.
  8. i love that show sober high anytime Hank is the man lol
  9. Damn it bobby!
  10. shi sha sha
    dale cracks me up
  11. You mean Rusty Shackleford
  12. King of the Hill is so funny, some of the older ones just crack me up.
  13. boomhower is the shit -u can only ever make out like 1 or 2 words he says
  14. I was gonna so say that
  15. omg. Anyone recall the episode where bobby gets gout from eating weird ass meat from this deli. then he realizes if he gets gout he can have a cane so he continues to eat the meat. Then he goes to pick connie up at some dance or something and hes riding on this scooter and looks like a creepy old man in a cape. I almost busted up in tears, so classic
  16. Bobby has so many issues

    I love the episode where he learns to defend himself by kicking people in the balls

    "That's my purse! I don't know you!"
  17. Do you remember when luane had a house and the roomates never paid rent or did anything? theres like this guy buy the pool shaving his legs, bobby looks at him and his eyes get big and light up and hes like, "guys can shave there legs thats very interesting"
  18. I love King of the Hill, watch it anytime it's on. One of my professor's said it was his favorite show as well...the guy looks like a total pothead.
  19. i sometimes watch it when its on FX
  20. Buck Strickland is basically my life role model.

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