King Of Detroit...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 21, 2006.

  1. I wanna welcome everybody to Detroit.

    We do it real big round these parts,

    Im The King Of The D,

    Im takin you, To The Ghetto,

    Back to the streets,

    Some vernor or joy road type shit,

    Some gutta shit,

    We ride on *****s,

    Holla at ya boy,

    I been through every ghetto, Seen every type of figure, Drunk every type of liquor, Bled every type of nukka, Shit this game aient nuttin to a boss,

    I'm fucking drunk. Its only 9:26 at night. IM gettin crunk. Jus smoked two blunts with my family and got drunk. Now chilling up on here bumping that Blade Icewood (R.I.P.). Gettin fucked up.

    How's yall saturday nights?
  2. I can spit, But i gotta be drunk to spit.

    I write best drunk too, Fer real. I write the best rhymes real drunk.

    Go back high the next day and fix things and its the best of the best.

    I cant come up with the best shit if im not drunk.
  3. Record some lyrics, send them to me, and I'll make it happen.
  4. I gotta find something to record it and get it on the comp.

    Ill look into it.
  5. i ain't on shit, no weed. no money. have some whisky chillin' next to me but ain't drinkin' it yet, not in the mood, been drinkin' a lot lately for me.
  6. Gettin' drunk. About all I'm doin' sadly.
  7. Hahahaha KING OF DETROIT this thread made me laugh, awesome. You're always so fuckin drunk.

    I made a few sick beats in FL Studio as well, they're kind of eerie though, probably sound best on some ICP lyrical shit haha. UFO's and shit loopin in the background.

    I can spit too. I'd show yall my Myspace with my song, but I can't even post the name of the song on here, the song would probably offend 90% of the people on this forum. Hahaha. I spit it to the In Da Club beat.

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