KindSoil Grow - Chem Sour Diesel

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  1. Chemdawg x Sour Diesel Feminized seeds by TGS out of Colorado.

    Grow Room Setup
    2' x 3' x 5' Tent
    3 x MarsHydro 300w LED lights
    1 x T5 Seed Starter
    6" Can Fan w/Carbon Filter
    6" Oscillating Fan

    Nutrients and Soil
    Fox Farm Ocean Forrest
    KindSoil - Nutrients
    Purified Drinking Water Ph - 6.8

    Note: This is my first grow Journal. I plan to keep it as updated as possible and answer any questions along the way. This is an experimental grow with KindSoil and zero additives. I usually grow with liquid nutrients from FoxFarm.
  2. Seedling Day 1:

    Tent Temperature: 70'
    Humidity: 60%
    Soil Temp: 68'

    I popped the seeds over the last two days and planted them today in solo cups. I used a half cup KindSoil in the bottom and topped them off with FFOF. I am using a T5 Seed Starter for the first week to get things

  3. Any update? Bout to start a Kindsoil, Fox Farms Ocean Forest, and 2 x 600w Mars Hydro's. I am skeptical as this is my first grow ever.
  4. i’m using kind soil right now and love it...i’m sub’d for this one...
  5. did u start one? i have one going now in a thread with Kindsoil. Dimmable 300w LED GalaxyHydro, 2 plants using Kindsoil

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