Kinda sick, ok to take oxy later?

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  1. I woke up sick as fuck. Been taking medicine all day. Fucking advils, tums, sore throat sprays, theraflu. Bunch of shit. Took a nap. Feel kinda better. The only thing I have is a small cough and a fever that is going away and coming back constantly. But I have a lot of confidence I will feel better by the tonight. I was wondering. If my fever doesn't go away completely and lets say I just have a minor one. Would it be ok to take a 15mg oxy? Like it wouldn't make me feel like any more shit would it??
  2. I can't think of any direct health problems with a virus and taking oxycodone. I have read murmurs of opiates impairing the immune system, but nothing too definitive. The oxy would defiantly lift your mood for awhile. If you have any issues with nausea I would avoid it. The comedown might also further your discomfort and the comedown generally means irritability.

    I'd say if you can find no direct health issue and your stomach can handle it, pop a few and feel better.
  3. Morphine will supress the immune system. For oxy, see below:)

    Make sure that, if you are combining Tylenol containing products, you do not exceed a safe dose.

    Opioids and the immune system -- Sacerdote 20 (8): 9 -- Palliative Medicine

    Other drugs
    Antinociceptive and immunosuppressive effects of opiate drugs: a structure-related activity study


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