Kinda mean, but very funny

Discussion in 'General' started by SlimPickins, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Who wants to bet this guy gets his ass kicked by his buddy

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  2. Aww, damn, that is pretty fucked up. Made me laugh a bit, though.

    thats greatttt
  4. that dude is gonna be in some deep shit......... I cant even imagine how pissed I would be if I was the guy

    "I'm starting to feel a little bad" haha yeah he should. The girl said yes...... man what a shitty friend
  5. Thats funny i've always wanted to do that but now i think wut if that was me i mean your girl might not take you bak because of a childish prank like that
  6. its really funny but kinda sad that she said yes and then slapped him, that probly fucked some shit up for some people
  7. The girl was cute, why didn't that jackass just go with the flow?

  8. Because thats not something you just let ride dude... THats a life changer right there.

    I would beat my friends ass and probably not talk to him for a while if he did that to me.
  9. I hope he gets his ass kicked haha.
  10. We live in a serial monogamous society, so I don't think it'd make to much of a difference if they did decide to marry.
  11. Wow I would feel so bad for the girl because she doesn't know
  12. Hahahhahah that was great

    all is fair in love and war.

    he said he was in a prank war with his buddy so who knows what shit his buddy did
  13. Yeah, Id like to see the payback prank his buddy pulls on him for this one...
  14. Hahaha awesome!

    thanks for posting.

  15. If he would have went with the flow, he would have been in 10x DEEPER shit when she eventually found out.
  16. I feel really bad for that guy whenever his buddy gets him back. thats gonna be some count of monte cristo shit right there

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