"kinda like bobby d style"

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by McLovin23_x2, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. so i wrote a poem, and i have to type this out.

    its like a designed suicide
    its like we failed, though we tried
    its like the invention of our own demise
    searching for spies, though it was I
    We looked in books and we looked in the skies
    we evolved around the tools we'd made
    and by those tools we shall be betrayed
    Silently, Unknowingly
    is this we We are here?
    to simply... live in Our fear?
    fear is uninhabitable.
    it has no rhyme nor reason.
    no patterns nor seasons.
    for on Ourselves, We shall commit treason
    but the fear from Our creation
    will eventually lead to Our own Damnation.

    its a poem but i guess i could go kinda like bobby d style for a moment.
  2. okay, not gonna lie.

    am kind of self conscience about this, considering i dont do alot of poetry alltogether.
    so any good reviews or bad, and thatd be great,
  3. Amazing, loved it, pretty deep man i like the way you put your words

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