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Going to class or a proffessional event stoned?

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  3. Only if I know its not a big deal

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  4. Who cares-I'd be stoned

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  1. i went to school high 75 percent of the time, another 10 percent of the time either drunk or on some other variety of drugs, and i was in the top of my class.

    The secret to it all is, use eyedrops, everything else can be explained away. If your eyes are clean, nobody will accuse you of being high, as long as you keep them open. i was always good at maintaining while i was high, ive done every conceivable activity that i normaly do when im straight, high.
  2. I used to go to all my classes super baked. I actually did better when i was baked. Anyways that the only way i survived highschool
  3. ya ive gone to class like everyday stoned. i have 1st period wood shop so its all good. my other classes i dont care about
  4. well i'm still in high school, 9th grade again, well mostly 10th grade classes but a 9th grade home base or something. I should be in 11th grade. anyways, i go to school high any time i can, i do a lot better when i have a buzz because i'm not depressed all day thinking about killing myself. But i don't have much money and i only get to go to school high like 5 days a month, if i was able to get high every day last year i bet i'd be going into all 10th grade classes this year! I did a report on marijuana legalization last year but i never turned it in, by the time i had it done it was 3 days past its due date so my teacher said he would only give me a A but in the books he would have to give me a D because it was late, so i was like "fuck you then" and just didn't turn it in, i failed his class and i plan i turning it in this year, hehe. I knew i was going to fail at the time so i figured i'd just keep it. That teacher is such a dick i'll probably fail again because of him i hope he got fired over the summer or quit, but hes new so i duno.
  5. I was in a musical (Les Miserables) earlier this year, and I was stoned for one of the performances. (The "Geez I'm tired" excuse works really well :])

    Anyhoo, there's a scene where I'm meant to (pretend to) hit the lead actress with a riding crop.

    I failed to miss her. Gave her quite a whallop actually. She had a big welt on her face afterwards, and was on stage for like half an hour before she could come off.


    NEVER attempt fine arts wilst stoned.
  6. I used to always go to college classes baked... Ahh, good times. I even managed to get on the deans list. Go figure. Must have been my tutor Mary Jane!!
  7. I remember back in highschool I started smoking later than all my friends. so my grade 11 year I made up for it I was late over 30 times each semester becaus I was getting stoned. I got stoned before I got on the bus, when I got to school, on spair, at lunch then after school. wait a bit and eat then somke a few more after supper. As for work at my one job it didnt matter befor, after, during. (I worked with all my friends.) But at the two jobs I have now I only smoke after. As for proffessional events as long as its not a wedding, or funeral or christmas with my dads sided of the family chances are I'll be stoned like I usually am. if it is with them I'll just wait till I can get away.
  8. Come to think of it, I like going to any type of event stoned!!
  9. I like going to school high. IT makes things so much more intresting for me. It also gave me something to wake up for in the morning, if i knew i was gonaa smoke that day. my teachers never semmed to notice because i was still always alert and into all the discussions. i would recomend it!
  10. the only time i really got stoned during school was because i had to present in front of the class next period..i feel it relaxes me and it i just kept talking and answering everyones questions..teacher gave me a b because the written portion of the project was a few days late..oops
  11. my day to post endlessly i might go pay my gituair (SP? i know it spelt it wrong so kill me) in bit. anyway yeah going to school or a an important dinner stoned is great fun and hard i think it is some of the nly time my paranoi dont get ot me thant and when i am at home. I always find it funny when my teachers tells me in english i made some great comment in disscution today or when i am at a dinner party thing and one of me moms old mate go wow you really are ahead of your years i always wonder mind if they ever thought my continuos grin to be a bit doggy
  12. ya i used to go to jr.high school and high school stoned all the time!!! hehe it was so fun and it made the school day alot better and by lunch time i was getting the munchies, so it was perfect.
  13. I was in the top 10% of my highschool class in honors because of smoking. I would understand things much better because when you're stoned you can look from diffrent perspectives and see how other people think. But sometimes its not always good because when you're stoned you do stupid thing(mistakes) and makes you seem like a dumbass.

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