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Going to class or a proffessional event stoned?

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  4. Who cares-I'd be stoned

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  1. I went to class blazed today, thinking no big deal; I've done it before. but today-things were different. I go into class, and my usual friends know, but my proffessors are clueless ( I hope, that is. My grades are pretty high, so I'm not worried), but then the marines came in out of no where and started yelling, " We need to search this room. We have news of illegal activities!" (or something along those lines. i was stoned let's remember). I start freaking, but I'm trying to stay cool. I have my baby pipe in my purse and I'm seriously about to pass out, but then they start laughing and say that the're there to recriut students and talk about how to pay for the rest of college. Let's just say that's the last time I go to class high for a while.
  2. I used to go to class all the time high when in college, but at the work I go to right now I just can't hang. I have to be on my toes, and my brain running a mile-a-minute as I take over 100 phone calls a day with all kinds of other projects in between. I tried it once, and couldn't even TALK straight! I blamed it on lack of sleep, but I'll never freakin do it again!

    But what do you mean by "professional event," like where your peers/bosses will be? We went to a company picnic pretty blitzed, that was OK, but if you mean concerts, if it fits in certain crevices, it goes with me.
    @ The Greek in Berkeley (where all the "hippie" shows are typically) most of the time they don't even search ya :D
  3. Was caught once handing a bag to a friend by a favorite teacher! Told me if he had seen money changing hands I would be in jail! said same would happen if he saw any drug related activity from me!! Made damn sure I was clean in his class after that! Had to watch those drug-sniffing Dinosaurs!!! Sorry but I can get High at work...........and am!! Be careful jada!! Just catch a Buzz, and leave your little pipe off violation!! Happy Token to Ya'll
  4. i never went to class high i went to work high a bunch of times i used to work at a restaurant and i'd go to work high as hell and work and pig out on all the food and almost all of my co-workers smoked weed so it was a really cool environment to work in
  5. i've been toasted in class once or twice....i just sat in the back and put my head down....
  6. Nah if i goto class high I just forget everything and get way to restless and feel like im in hell. Even worse if i get high before hand I wont go to school. =O

  7. I don't really like to get stoned in college, but I take my gear in every day just in case. Thursday is usually the only day of the week I'll smoke in college as I have a free right after lunch, so if I get stoned in lunch I have 2 hours to sober up before my next lesson. And the last lesson is Law which is my favourite lesson, and the people I sit with are stoners so we all help each other out when one comes in stoned.
  8. Yeah i used to go to school stoned on columbian.( gold gotta love those exploding seeds)But alas that was long ago,But now go go to work stoned and stay stoned.I'm a chef and retaruant manager and have to remain mellow for the customers.The cool thing is my owner knows and does not care as long as keep gettin results.(have been in our hometown paper five time for; as they put it my outstanding cusine) But maybe food and dope just go together.
  9. I was high all through college. I remember writing a paper on marijuana, it's prohibition and why it needs to be legalized. Well, I got an A on the paper and then had to do this oral presentation and I told everyone that the only reason I got an A on the paper was because I was stoned while working on it. I was high then, too. It added to the presentation. Haha!

    It was hard being high in high school. The teachers were smart back then and knew just by the red eyes.
  10. I can say thet you should not work heavy complex machinery when you have been properly baked before, as I had been chuffing away in the field next to where I worked making bits for car engines... (I was also leaving work to go travelling so did not really care about being busted).. anyways I ws training a guy who I had been smoking with and was pointing out to him not to hit a particular RED button on a lathe we were working.. and lo and behold I hit it and its amazing how fast you can move when you are in the way of potentially hazardus shrapnel.... well in the end they just let me play with a floor cleaning thing.. as thay could not believe that I had done anything as we said we did not know what had happend.....
  11. I remember being a freshman in college in my comp 101 class and having to do a group research project on a controversial issue. The project had to involve some sort of educational game to go along with it (ridiculous for college, i know) so i got high with my group before the presentation. We decided to play pot bingo but ran out of pieces for the class. It seemed common sense at the time for me to pull out my bag and hand out screens for pieces. my professor was horrified but the class loved it and no one got in trouble! Gotta love public schools!
  12. How can you guys blaze and still function in lesson? I used to turn up to lectures hammered and it was just a complete waste of time for me. I even stopped taking notes because most of the time i couldn't remember how i was going to finish the sentence i had started!

    I stopped doing that though after i suffered one of the most gruesome whities ever right in the middle of a lecture. Very bad news!
  13. They call it Highschool for a reason.
    I got high before school occasionally..but cutting lunch and then having study hall and gym was the best. We'd smoke then bug out having fun in study hall and then gym which was fun.
    Playing softball with a buddy who is stoned as well with a bunch of unatheletic squares is friggen hilairious.
    In college, you could find anyone at any time of the day or night to smoke with...That leads to most of my papers were done while stoned for sure..
    Work..I hate to work a job where i cant go in stoned. lol maybe thats why i never kept a job for more than 2, kidding. well im not, but they were just summer/in between jobs to keep enough in the pockets for the green ;)
  14. oh yeah lol...another great memory from HIGHschool...

    Those classes like cooking, metal shop, sewing, life skills, wood shop etc. THEY were *always* entertaining when being high during school..!
  15. The best thing about smoking before school was the fact that it made the day go by sooooooooooo fast. I would smoke with elementxero before school cruising around in his car. We would always go in so blazed and usually we had the same class first period with no teacher and we would bring in Game Boy Advance and play 2 player games the whole time while wicked stoned, it was great. Smoking before and during work is really fun too. I work with computers, and I am at work right now as I post this.
  16. KRONOS????is that really you man??? where the hell have you been!?!? i've missed your constant jibber jabber on the forums with elementxero....

    did you ever go on that camping trip you were talkin about?..and did you eve rget a hold of some nitrous?

    (Sorry about the somewhat off topic post here....please...resume all prior conversations..)
  17. Me and my friends used to ditch out in the middle of the day and get wasted. If we actually made it back to class it was a miracle,

    Also, my school had this thing called multicutural day, and while everyone was talking about their ethnicity and wearing ethnic clothes, I was baked out of my mind starring at the chineses yo-yo's
  18. the lovely herb is the only reason i passed math because i went in blazed for the finals and i passed! woo
  19. I used to work at a courtesy booth in a grocery store. Well, I never went to work high except one time....and that was the last time. i got high with my ex right before work...i pull up and it is hard as hell for me to walk of course. I get inside my booth...and start tripping. I felt like I was in a jail cell and it freaked me out, but I am the best at playing sober. All my friends kept asking why I was in such a good mood, but my best buds always know without me opening my mouth. That's what friends are for.

    I also used to work at a Chili's. Getting high before work was expected by all my fellow employees because most of them toked also. One day, this girl told me to stop smoking that shit before I came to work because I was continually fucking up orders that day. If she only knew, the days when i was high were my best days. I never went to work after that unless I was was the only way I could get good tips. lol.
  20. class stoned...HELL YEAH....thats the only reason i would go to many of my classes...have a session with firneds...and then, cuz we wanna chill, and not smoke any more, we got to class...everyone KNEW we were stoned though....3 of the guys are big dealers on campus...and 6-8 guys walk in late, all with shades and laughing and stumbling and shit...hjahaha

    so smoking in class...childs play

    next level...smoking b4 work, and having a HUGE meeting about a promotion with the head of the department of the largest bank in my county...thats a diffrent thing....well anyway....i got the promotion...THANK U WEED!

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