Kinda funny cop story

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 97supra, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Happened this morning. I woke up saying "time for some fruit loops" and as i finished my sentence walking into the kitchen, i see a black shirt that says police on it. He says, "are you daniel hubbard?"

    the night before, my buddy and i drove into my town and my buddy smashed a window out of a truck and one out of a garage (it wasnt random ignorant vandalism, it was payback for something; i didnt think it was a good thing to do anyway but oh well)

    the cop said he's just going to give me a traffic violation, hopefully it works out to that.(since i was the "getaway" driver lol)

    just really sucked. weird to wake up to a cop in your kitchen
  2. Who...let him in?
  3. Your friend ratted on you.
  4. Answer this plz
  5. sounds like a witnes reported the license plate. or it could have been one of those red light cams...
  6. yea um the cop just cant come in your house :(
  7. no i guess the kids were in the garage with the lights off smokin weed haha. they knew my vehicle. my dad let him in(i live with my parents still until i go into the service)
  8. My parents know that whenever I'm crashing with them - if the cops come...I'm not home. ;) Though, that hasn't stopped them from calling the 5-0 on me twice in the last month. :(

  9. haha what for?
  10. My pops is completely aware of my drug use, yet completely against it. I've been living in my parents' house (for the last time ever hopefully) for the between semesters, I came home one night...and my pops was waiting for me...drunk-as-shit..and we got into an argument..and he called the 5-0 claiming I was dealing/growing out of the house (completely false...but he wanted to give the police a serious reason to come over) I had to set the 5-0 straight..and they left. The same thing happened like 2 weeks later. Fun stuff... ;)

  11. Not cool. Bail before you get in some serious trouble from him.
  12. Oh..I know..I haven't spoken to him since...shiiit...junior year of highschool. We just coexist without bothering each other. Then occasionally that shit happens. starts back up in 2 weeks..and I'm moving into my new apartment early next week. So, I'll never be back under his roof ever again. ;)

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