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  1. Okay, so over the past week ive noticed a problem starting, slightly yellowing leaves all over, then almost some dotted specks of light yelow, now i see rusting looking spotso n the leaves, and even on one of the newer ones, there is a really crispy end by an 1" thats all yellow and has brown on it.

    I am using Fox Farms Happy Frog potting soil, 3 gallon pots. I currently do not have a ph meter, i stick to the droplet tester therefore I can't measure any sort of run off. All the water i put in i try to keep around 6.5-7.5.

    I also use the GH 3 part flora nutes. Gro, Micro, And Bloom. But actually, i don't have any micro.. thats the thing. I've been only adding gro and bloom. I believe I have a calmag def but does micro have that in it? Should I borrow calmag from a friend and try it? It's just they're looking bad, and they are actually like 3 weeks into flower, even though the buds are so small, i had light leaks. Everything is just going wrong .. i've waited till i needed to water to fix the problem, and i kinda need to know today. Do i flush or is it too late into flowering and will be too much stress? or try to adjust the ph problem?

    I figure doing a flush of 7.0 distilled water would be better than this?

    Thank you, please help!! +rep to whoever replies with anything, im so desperate. im ordering a meter but it'll be like 5 days until it arrives.

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  2. Hey man don't panic. They look great. See my response in sick plants thread. Looks like a little too much fertilizer to me.

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