Kind of weird how life works out (kind of long, but happy ending)

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  1. So recently my wife left me, followed by a series of really shitty things happening. But then out of the blue, a very very old friend (known this person 20 years) came back into my life. She was always my best friend, without a doubt. Anyway, she called knowing something was wrong, we hadnt spoke in a few years, due to very different lives. Anyway, she just seems different now. I like it. We tried the dating thing in high school, but we went our seperate ways, although now im starting to feel like that was a mistake. Anyway, I know how she feels about me, is more than friendly. Im starting to see her that way too. The thing is I really dont want to rush into another relationship, thats always such a bad idea. I told her that I wasnt feeling a relationship right now, but in the future I could be very very down to be with her. She said she understood, and kissed me. Then she really threw me for a loop, she put her hand on my chest, and my hand on hers. She said, you never relized it, but there were always two hearts that had the same beat. After that she told me she didnt care what I called what we have, as long as when shes 80 my wrinkled old ass will be next to hers. Like I said, im not going to rush into this, it could be a very good thing afterall. Im still pretty upset about my wife, but there is something about this girl. Besides my wife, she is the only other person who knows the real me. I just think its very cool is all. She has been my best friend since we were 2, she was there with me as I grew from a boy to a man, as I saw her grow. I think she is an amazing woman, and im just hoping for everything to keep working out like it is
  2. Sounds kind of like a " when harry met sally " deal.
  3. Sounds like you have the right perspective, slow and steady.
    Keep it light and let it flower.......:D
  4. life kinda had a funny ending for me as well, at the young age of twenty I had a severe brainstem stroke, following an auto/cycle collision. after the Insurance ran out I got to try my hand and really sharpen my survival skills in the poor excuse of michigans home for the state cast aways, people other homes wouldn't take. These people where like old men from a prison, crazy old ladies that would roam the halls screamin, well anyways it got real bad. I attempted to take my life a few times, but because I smoke pot and smiling it was looked at as a joke.

    After my Mom rescued me and hauled me to Tennessee, there I had to deal with alot of people that called themselfs friends only to end up screwing me.

    My life is great now, I'm nowhere near as paralyzed as what doctors said I have some of the best friends, family, and neighbors anyone could ask for. I like to think it's all because I held on to a sweet gal ( mary jane ) through the bad n good ( hold onto your gal bro ) she see you through.:D btw took 18 years to get to where i am in life.
  5. im happy that its happy ending. its good to have people in your life like that. its really a lucky time. :)
  6. you just don't know, really makes you think about "due unto others as u would have them do unto you"
  7. I think Ive put my self to sleep a few times, repeating your a lucky man in my head.
  8. bro I don't mean to jack your thread, can I ask your age, and your housing situation, you need to make room in your life for this gal, and don't set yourself up to fall. If this happens jump for joy. But if it don't don't let it destroy you.
  9. Don't be afraid of going into another relationship, it can help you get over your wife if you haven't yet. That doesn't mean you should get married but it seems like you should be in a relationship with her.
  10. Bro please, this can work I've seen this work, it's a give and take situation, as long as you put your happiness TOGETHER first you should do well.

    Blame it on the weed everything bad is
  11. Good luck man and keep it slow n steady and it'll be a great thing.

    Purpose420 - Do you realize a quarter of your posts were made in this one thread... :rolleyes:

    The edit button is a very nifty tool~
  12. Ya man thats a legit karma shift! Comin from a DJ, if/when you two get married your wedding first dance should def. be it had to be you (when harry met sally)!!!

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