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  1. Ok well my girlfriend and I had sex and idk why but I came really early and just kept going, when i finally finished and pulled out. The condom was like halfway on my dick. Idk if it slid off like that when I was done or what. There was no cum or nething or my dick or newhere but in the condom. Should I be worried?
  2. ask ur girl to check for pregnacy.... if she gets knocked up.. i dont even know wat to say.
  3. Well what is that pill called that u can take that will basically prevent pregnancy u take like within 3 days after u have sex. And its all good if she gets pregnant its just 400$ i dont want to have to spend (abortion.) I already talked to her about it and she doesnt want it lol
  4. you could take her to a planned parenthood if you have one in your area and get her the morning after pill for free if your really worried. im not sure how long you can wait though.
  5. You can buy Plan B (the morning after pill) at basically any pharmacy. CVS, Walgreens, wherever! You have to be 18 though! It is a little pricey (around $30-$40), but if you're worried it will definitely put the worry out of your mind.
  6. Ok thank you tiny, obviously i'm 18. Ill spend anything not to have a kid haha.
  7. yeah and next time you can spring for another condom too.
    don't reuse condoms after you cum or keep wearing it.
    that's nasty.
  8. Great news. I go to buy the Plan B I get it, call my gf and tell her I have it and will bring it over. And she says "Shit I was about to call you, I just started my period." I was so pissed I spent 50$ on that for nothing. But oh well atleast i'll have it for future use.
  9. yeah...for all those times you accidentally ejaculate in her.
  10. hah.

    give it to her in the face... no babies.
  11. i'm pretty sure Plan B only works within 48 hours.. I could be wrong. But good to hear she got her period. Now, learn!

    When you're done, replace the jimmy hat!

    I had sex with a younger guy who had no clue what he was doing - I was trying my best to help him and he did the same thing. Lost the damn thing inside and i had to stick my fingers in there and get it out. Idiots.

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