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Kind of Funny Story.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Generic_User645, Sep 26, 2009.

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    I got high after college (uk) and went to my bus. I got on the bus and went on the top deck. I zone out for about 8 minutes then all of sudden i begin to realise what the loud twats at the back of the bus are shouting about. They are talking about me as one of the girls in the group is in my from group and probably just wanted to say hi and i was completely ignoring them. At this point i thought "nahh im just being paranoid" and continued to ignore them. Then they are all started calling someone weird and a freak and stuff so i turn around and she is hitting some other dude. This concreted the belief they were not talking to me. I turned to my friend (who is also stoned) and tell them the situation and he told me that they were not talking about me. So this goes on for a while (im pretty sure were talking about me) and i thought it was too late to turn around. Then one of them goes to the girl "who are you talking to" and the bitch goes "that one hiding his face (i was sitting at the front) in the grey cardigan (it wasnt a cardigan but close enough)2 and im like "sheet, they are talking about me" but it was too late to turn around so ill just pretend im not listening. Eventually when they stop talking about me i turn araound and through my blurred vision i see the girl and she was looking at me (i think) saying "ARE YOU FUCKING MENTAL" and all this crap.

    And im just like "nahh they're not talking about me" and turn around and stare into space again.

    So yeah, i have only been here for three weeks and now a bunch of people think im wierd. Dont care though because her and friends are card carrying dickheads and wouldnt want to be friends with them anyway. PLus itll make a funny story to tell them. I was thinking of excuses because i wnated to make friends, and alot of people here dont like recreational marijuana usage and i came up with the following.

    "I had food poisoning, and my grandmother died (worked before)"
    "Umm, i kept falling asleep i hadn't slept for like 80 hours (true)
  2. ha thats a good story. i feel like that sometimes too when im stoned i dont take any notice of whats goin on. fk it enjoy the buzz
  3. Yeah man thats some funny sh*t! It gave me a good laugh, when your so stoned people talk right to your face, but you don't notice thier talking to YOU! LOL Nice one man!

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